Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Candice Wants To Get Pushed

Candice Michelle

Cast your minds back to when Candice was champion. I can’t. I have successfully erased that memory clear from my mind. It is nada, zip, gone, kaput. All I know is that somehow… it happened. She won the title. I’m not saying she can’t can’t wrestle, she’s improved and good on her, but Candice as champion means inevitable dramatic increase backstage and ring segments where she has to open her mouth and… speak. Mhmm, that’s right, we would have to sit through her slur of words and stifled giggles.

So, here’s a little (I hope) wishful thinking from Candice, she’ll be back on top. During the No Way Out live blog she said;

[Comment From Deanna]
Candice. We miss your wrestling!
[Comment From Ona]
candice kisses from spain!!
[Comment From Beth]
candice you rock. your my idol
Candice:  i miss wrestling too!   matter of fact, i hate not working!   but i promise you i have stuff in the works and i will be back an back on top!

Stuff in the works? Hmm, I hope she’s just pleasing the fans by telling them what they want to hear. Don’t get me wrong, Candice is a lovely girl who has improved imensely, but she’s not Championship material.

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