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Candice’s Interesting Choice of Words – “Free From the Ring”


In a blog at her page, Candice Michelle uses an interesting choice of words to describe her release from WWE, including that she’s “free from the ring.” And for those of you who have wondered whether Candice may perhaps in TNA or even go the indy route (and let’s be honest, can you really imagine Candice doing the indies?) she puts a proverbial  full stop on her wrestling career by saying, “… my five years of wrestling” which suggests, as we all expected, her wrestling career is over:

In case you weren’t aware, I recently parted ways with the WWE, but I’m ready to take off on exciting new adventures. All the WWE executives, divas and superstars were awesome during my five years of wrestling.

Now that I’m free from the ring, I have time to spread my wings. I’ve just joined the Los Angeles Youth Network as an Ambassador, and am ready to begin working with LAYN and the homeless kids living on the streets of LA. I’ve also recently returned from a leadership seminar in San Francisco and have never felt so alive!

I’ve made it abundantly clear that I’m not a fan of Candice, and this just proves why. The connotations of “free from the ring” are negative, it suggests that being in the wrestling industry ‘tied her down’, it’s not a positive phrase at all. To me, it shows that she is not at all passionate about wrestling as she so often made out in her nauseating WWE Universe blogs about how hard she was working and how much it meant to her.

Well look at her now — with the comfort of being a WWE Superstar taken away from her, the girl has called a day on wrestling altogether. If she was as passionate about the industry as she claims she was, she would do anything to be part of it by doing independents and putting out feelers in TNA.

I have stuck up for Candice, I don’t agree with the below-the-belt comments about her looks being part of why she was released; but this to me, shows her true colours and justifies just why I could never be a Candice fan. I have always sensed a falseness to her.

I think this just goes to show the main problem with hiring models and training them to wrestle, once the comfort of WWE is pulled away from underneath them, they can’t stand the heat of what it really means to be a wrestler; doing independent shows, trekking up and down the country and really paying their dues in the way the likes of Mickie, Jillian, Melina, Beth, Natalya and Gail have. And I don’t think it’ll just be Candice, I think the same can be said for Divas like Maria and others, who I doubt will be willing to ‘slum it’ once their time in WWE is up.

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