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Carmella & Queen Zelina become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions on RAW

The Most Beautiful Woman in All of WWE Carmella and Queen Zelina have become the new Women’s Tag Team Champions. On RAW, the duo defeated Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. making their reign end at 64-days.

Heading into the match, Carmella and Zelina were backstage being interviewed about their strategy. Going in they knew that Ripley would be their biggest hill to climb, but they had nothing nice to say or even a worry in the world about Nikki. They called her the sidekick and with Zelina beating her last week they knew they could win the titles if they isolate her.

They did just that. While Zelina spent most of the match trying to avoid Ripley, Carmella finally took Ripley out on the outside of the ring. After a superkick found Ripley driven into the ring post, this left a two-on-one scenario and not in the favor of the Almost A Superhero. Zelina hit Code Red to get the win and the pin to crown new champions.

This is Zelina’s first championship win in WWE. She has been on a singles winning streak since September and won the Queen’s Crown in October. Carmella wins her first tag team championship. She is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion and 24/7 Champion.

The two celebrated their win on top of the announce table.

Congratulations to the new tag team champions and for Queen Zelina’s first championship in WWE.

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