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Carmella talks being drafted from NXT to SmackDown, advice from fellow Superstars and more

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WWE Superstar Carmella recently spoke with Channel Guide to discuss her experience on being drafted from NXT to finding a new home on the main roster through WWE’s SmackDown brand. Below are highlights of the interview.

On being called up from NXT to be part of SmackDown:
“I was so overwhelmed. I was the very last pick. Of course, I wanted it to happen. I was hoping it would happen. But by that point I was thinking, ‘This is not going to happen for me.’ So when it did, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I could barely sleep because I was so overwhelmed. I had no idea what the next step was. It’s not like anyone was saying, ‘OK, now that you are drafted. So here is all your information.’ It was like, ‘You are drafted. See you later.’ I went home and had no idea what to expect. Am I going to SmackDown this week? Am I going to live events? I had no idea. It has been so crazy and exciting at the same time.”

On receiving advice from her fellow WWE Superstars:
“Any questions I have, Cass is always there to give me advice. They are my boys no matter what. Even though we aren’t on the same brand, they are always going to be my boys. They are always helping me and doing what they can to help my transition easier. All of the girls have been so helpful. Becky [Lynch], I spent some time with her in NXT. So she has been very helpful with any questions I have. I’m like constantly texting her with, ‘Please help me with this.’ Sasha [Banks] has been really helpful as well with me. The girls are just great.”

On being left behind when Amore and Cass made their Raw debut:
“I totally look at it as a great opportunity for me because I spent years on the sidelines of the NFL and NBA. With the boys, I was essentially a hype girl and there was nothing wrong with that. I had so much fun with them in NXT. Now that I’m here on SmackDown Live myself and knowing I have this opportunity to shine. I’m not just a hype girl. I’ve been doing this and working hard for the last two-and-a-half years. I’ve been the ring doing a lot of work. So I’m excited to show the world what I can bring to the table.” “I never even wrestled at a TakeOver special. I’ve been on TakeOver before with the boys, but never had my own match. So I can’t even believe that. I’m ready for these opportunities to show everyone what I have been doing for almost three years.”

You can find the entire interview here.

What do you think the future holds for Carmella? Are you enjoying her current run on SmackDown so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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