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Charlotte Flair on who she thinks will be WWE’s next breakout stars

In an exclusive interview with Smacktalks, Charlotte Flair speaks on many topics included WWE 2K20. She speaks on the 2K Showcase along with the other Four Horsewomen and other attributes to the new video game.

Other than information about 2K20, Flair answered who she thinks will be the next breakout stars. With WWE having such a huge roster along with several brands now including NXT, NXT UK, etc. there are so many to choose from.

Whether you like her or not, Flair is a current nine-time champion and many feel she is the face of the entire women’s division. Who she thinks could be the next breakout stars are definitely ones to watch out for.

Flair first stated one half of the current Women’s Tag Team Champions – Nikki Cross.

I’m expecting big things from Nikki Cross. I’m a huge fan of hers.

“I know she’s been on Raw and SmackDown for a few months now, maybe a year. It takes time, and I think she’s gonna have that breakout moment soon. I’m 100% behind her.

Her second choice was from NXT and that is the EST herself – Bianca Belair.

“I think from NXT, Bianca Belair just has it. Like, she doesn’t have to try, she just has like that natural swag. She’s a star and that’s one thing you can’t teach. You can teach someone how to wrestle, come up with a character, but whether you have it or not is on you, and she has it, so I think she’s the next big thing.”

To check out the entire interview including what The Queen has to say about 2K20, that she would like to tap out Stephanie McMahon, and who she would like to face from NXT UK you can visit Smacktalks.

What do you think of Flair’s thoughts on Nikki Cross and Bianca Belair being the next breakout stars? Do you agree? Discuss this in the comment section!

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