Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Charlotte Flair Pins Bayley Heading Into Fastlane

Bayley may not be the one that Charlotte Flair needs to pin at Fastlane, but Flair along with her Fastlane opponent Asuka, did get the win on SmackDown.

Fastlane will take place later today and the one (angry face) women’s match will be for the WWE Women’s Title as IYO SKY defends against both Flair and Asuka. SKY was on the losing end of the Oct. 6 SmackDown as Bayley was pinned.

The final moments of the match had Flair tied up in the ropes when Bayley went for a pin but Flair kicked out. SKY was climbing up on the opposite ring apron. Bayley went to put Flair in the Figure Four but Flair kicked her away, knocking off the champion from the ring apron to the ringside floor. Flair hit Natural Selection on Bayley for the victory.

Another vignette aired for Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. They continue with the curse of the tag titles and state that the curse will continue to spread until they get what they want.

The SmackDown dark match was Michin and Shotzi vs. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. Michin and Shotzi won.

Rhea Ripley was also on SmackDown and had an encounter with Paul Heyman where she told him to “Acknowledge Me.”

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