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Charlotte Flair to possibly surpass her father’s title reigns

Charlotte Flair is currently at nine title reigns after beating Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. She then quickly lost to Bayley when she cashed in at Money in the Bank. Previously the Rumor Roundup at CageSide Seats highlighted certain rumors that WWE has future plans for Charlotte to beat her father’s title reigns. Ric Flair sits at 16.

There’s talk, from Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio and elsewhere, that WWE plans to get Charlotte Flair to 17 title reigns to break her father’s WWE-recognized record.

If they do achieve this plan this means once Flair reaches 17 reigns she will also surpass a lot of her male counterparts as well. With the possibility of this many title reigns, here is who she would surpass from the men’s title holders. She would then be listed as having the most title reigns in WWE history.

Credit: WWE
  • Ric Flair (16)
  • John Cena (16)
  • Triple H (14)
  • Randy Orton (13)
  • Edge (11)
  • The Rock (10)

That is a pretty remarkable list of talent for Flair to beat out from the men’s history. Obviously, the current RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championship in WWE haven’t been around long enough to have these type of title reigns. The Diva’s Championship and the original WWE Women’s Championship are both defunct, however, their lineage is still included in the list. The majority of the current female roster were either not a part of those title’s existence or never won them. Flair being at the top of the leader board has her leaps and bounds above the rest.

Here are the current leaders for the women:

The vast difference between the male and female ratio is astonishing. The men at the top of their list have twice as many title wins compared to the women. This continues to show how different women are treated within the company.

Some fans may not like Flair being the center of the women’s division and capturing these many title opportunities over other deserving women. It is constantly an argument on her last name in the company being a contributing factor. This could be why she is getting this many title reigns and will continue to do so.

Credit: WWE

Flair is a very talented wrestler and has a lot of great attributes to her in-ring style. She also is great on the mic, which is something that a lot of wrestlers have struggled with in the past and currently. She also brings money to the company and WWE knows they need the talent that brings in the top dollar on their shows. Money speaks volumes and because of this, she is brought to the forefront of title opportunities and championship wins.

Yes, it is understood that most may be tired of seeing Charlotte in the title scene. Many feel that the likes of Ember Moon, Dana Brooke, Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott and more deserve their title reigns. Flair, along with Becky Lynch bring in the most money in the women’s division.

There is no denying that she is one of the most talented women in the company and in the world. She has continued to work hard to where she is at today to surpass being known just for her last name.

What WWE needs to find is a balance between getting her to 17 title reigns and in the process also giving other women’s wrestlers the opportunity to hold the title. As a result, Flair and whoever is holding the title can put on a classic match together.

Do you think Charlotte deserves 17 title reigns to surpass her father reigns? What do you think of her surpassing certain males in the company such as Triple H, John Cena, and Randy Orton? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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