Friday, September 22, 2023

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Cherry Split, Anyone?

One scoop or two? Actually, you better make it two – in fact, you could name them Deuce and Domino. SmackDown! continues it’s creative lead over RAW this week, the blue brand has received much praise from Diva Dirt for it’s story-telling and action in the recent MichelleNatalyaVictoria feud but the show’s writers to continue to work their magic off screen too.

Capitalising on Cherry‘s rise during the SmackDown! Diva contest, Michael Hayes and co. have created a “ exclusive”, teasing a split between Cherry and her tag team clients, Deuce and Domino:

Deuce and Domino tell Cherry they are surprised she made it as far in the diva competition as she did.  They also said if she dressed better she could have won the contest.  Then they brought in Maryse, who was all over Domino while Deuce was hawking her too. (Courtesy of PWInsider)

It’s nice to see the blue crew continuing stories and developing them, making use of WWE’s official website rather than dropping the angle altogether (as seems to be the strategy employed by the red brand). There’s only so much you can fit into one and a half hours of television (not including commercials), once again we applause SmackDown! for one of their best weeks of Diva action ever. Let’s just hope that this angle is able to transition onto TV in the coming weeks. Check out the segment by clicking here.

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