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Christmas Classics: Santa’s Little Helper Match 2002

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And over the next few days, we’re going to be reliving some of the goodies that TNA and WWE have put under our Christmas trees! Looking back at the Christmas themed matches we’ve seen the Divas and Knockouts involved in, the DD team will each be picking their favourite Christmas themed match and sharing with you over the next few days!

Today’s pick is from Erin: My pick is Trish/Jacqueline/Stacy vs. Molly/Victoria/Ivory, the Santa’s Little Helpers match from 2002. These “Santa’s Little Helpers” matches are meant to be silly, and this match took full advantage of that, with the puritanical Molly Holly wearing in a floor-length dress and falling out of the ring when Stacy pulls it up to flash the crowd. The teams were rather good–the babyfaces had Trish and Jackie, and Stacy was used well for her limited skills, mostly there to be the sexy foil to Molly. Victoria, Ivory, and Molly made a stacked heel team too, with each one being fondly remembered by fans. Everyone saw some ring time, so it didn’t feel as rushed as recent versions of the match. I especially loved the dual pins by Jackie and Trish as Stacy chased an embarassed Molly to the back–everyone served a purpose that went beyond them wearing the sexy costumes, and I appreciate that enough thought was put into the match for that to happen. Though honestly, the sight of Victoria angrily chomping down on the candy cane during her entrance would have sealed the deal for me on its own.

Watch below:

Share your memories of this match in the comments, or if you’ve just watched it for the first time, tell us what you think too!

Check back tomorrow for the next installment.

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