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Christy Hemme Talks Injury That Took Her Out Of The Ring Plus WWE Release

Christy Hemme is still very prevalent in the wrestling industry.

Currently working as a producer with IMPACT Wrestling she started her time in wrestling with WWE and the Diva Search in 2004. She would join TNA originally in 2006 as an in-ring competitor until she moved to a ring announcer and backstage interviewer role.

Hemme sat down with DS Shin of Ring the Belle to count down her Top 5 Moments. The full interview can be found at the bottom of this article.

They were listed as –

Christy Hemme Wins WWE Diva Search 2004

Christy Hemme vs. Trish Stratus WrestleMania 21

Christy Hemme vs. Victoria Vengeance 2005

The “Women in Wrestling” Promo – TNA Final Resolution 2007

Christy Hemme vs. Awesome Kong – TNA Final Resolution 2008

These five moments put together led to some highlights throughout her career.

From the Diva Search, Hemme talks about the “Diss the Diva” segment and Carmella DeCesare. From there they discuss her WrestleMania match with Trish Stratus. This was one of her first matches on the biggest stage of them all. It was originally supposed to be a ten-minute match but cut to six which ended up being four. She credits her training to names such as Lita, Trish Stratus, Fit Finlay, Dean Malenko, and Ricky Steamboat. They talked about her famous finisher the F.F.G. (Flying Firecrotch Guillotine) and how the name of it originated as a joke.

Hemme talks feud with Victoria and also credits Melina as one of the greatest villains of all time –

After Hemme’s move to SmackDown – “I love her [Melina] so much. I just think she is one of the greatest villains of all time. It was great for me because I could be this ultimate babyface because she was so great at her job. She just brings a level of intensity and sass. True sass. And then you meet her as a human and she is kind, soft-spoken, sweet – ‘wow you hide that in there very well’ and when it comes out it comes out.”

Shin moves on to talk about how fans were shocked when Hemme was released from WWE seemingly out of nowhere. Hemme says she was shocked as well. She adds that she was heartbroken.

“I was shocked too. I was heartbroken. You know what? I was heartbroken, to say the least. I just loved it so much, I didn’t want it to end. It took me a while to come back from that. I was training at the time. I was down in OVW. I had my life planned out you know? I knew where I was going and so I knew immediately I wasn’t leaving, so how long am I under this contract and what can I do next? It was almost instantly I knew Impact, TNA at the time, was going to be where I wanted to go.”

When Shin asked if she knew what happened and why she was released – “I was told it was creatively. There was no creative for me. I had a good run, that’s what I was told.”

Related to the “Women in Wrestling” segment from TNA at the 2007 Final Resolution, Hemme came off as a heel from it. She stated that it was not intended to be a heel moment. Also, it was a Vince Russo idea and it was actually meant for Chyna.

“This was a very tough spot because actually, Vince in his heart of hearts didn’t want it to be a heel spot for me. Actually, it wasn’t even supposed to be me. It was supposed to be Chyna. This was supposed to be Chyna. Vince Russo loves Chyna, we all love Chyna. Something happened where she wasn’t able to come but he had already written it with her in mind. He was a huge advocate for women and women’s wrestling because I was so dark at this time, I mean you could tell just by – look at my hair, look at my clothes. When I left WWE it took me years to come back and be more of the me that you know today.”

In her last moment in the Top 5 was related to her time in the ring with Awesome Kong. A moment that Hemme says she is glad was the last one mentioned because it is personally the pinnacle of her in-ring career. Shortly after this was when she was taken out physically from the ring.

“Over time I ended up herniating at that time, I now have three of them, but I had two herniated discs and they’re up high on my neck and they were protruding and sitting on my spine and that is a recipe for disaster. So one of my last matches every time I got thrown into the turnbuckle, I could feel paralyzation from the neck down and it was just moments but it was weird. It happened a couple times.”

Hemme and Shin would wrap up the interview by talking about her project titled KAYfABE which has been in development for years. She says it is still in the works and there will be more to come.

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