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Clash of Champions Predictions: Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley for the Raw Women’s title

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Tonight on Night of Champions, Charlotte defends her WWE Raw Women’s Championship against Bayley and Sasha Banks? Who will walk away with the gold? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Abir: Charlotte’s reign will come to an end tonight. The fight will be a throwback to the NXT days with some of our favorite spots. In the end, Sasha will pin Bayley (or make her submit to the Bank Statement). This will give Charlotte something to complain about on RAW and will anchor Bayley’s underdog gimmick, thus leading to the inevitable Sasha v Bayley Mania match next year.

Alex: It’s such a shame that this is being treated as a throwaway filler feud since these girls are at their peak and has the potential to be better than the WrestleMania 32 triple threat. I’m thinking Charlotte is winning this one; Bayley’s whole thing is being the underdog and Sasha is still selling the injured back. They really shouldn’t be doing a hot potato rush with the title since it makes it lose credibility (case in point TNA ehem…). So for me, the Nature Girl takes the win!

Candace: I think Charlotte is going to take this one.

Jack: I predict Dana will accidentally cost Charlotte the match, leading to a feud between the two. Sasha Banks will reclaim her championship and then enter another bitter rivalry with Bayley.

Josue: I think Bayley winning the title will come later down the line, so this match come down to either Charlotte or Sasha winning. I’m going to go with Charlotte retaining with the help of Dana Brooke at ringside. Aside from Charlotte retaining the title, I also see Sasha turning Heel, maybe in a post attack to super fan favorite Bayley or at least throwing hints of it throughout the match in sort of a “every woman for herself” narrative. This will help set up for a bigger and longer feud between the two which is already rumored to be in the works.

Matthew: Folks, this is a tough one to pick, as I should go with Sasha to get the win. But remember, Dana Brooke can be an X-Factor in this match to help Charlotte retain the belt so it might be a bit dull this time around. Bayley should get more opportunities sooner than later, but if she’s gonna win, she’ll have to watch out for Dana Brooke throughout the match. Sasha is my pick to win.

Stephanie: The story behind the match of the 3 Horse Women has been a bit weak. The rising star from it all is Dana. The writing has been all about how good Charlotte, Sasha and Bayley are without really showing us. Charlotte has improved leaps and bounds from being in the spotlight for a year and I have no doubt her heel work will continue to be at a great level but it’s time for Sasha to show us what she’s truly made of. I expect Sasha to win by having Bayley eat the pin. This serves to begin multiple stories that will build up each woman. Bayley will begin to doubt herself as she goes on a losing streak, prepping her for her underdog status and booking. Charlotte and Sasha will continue to feud as Dana rises up against Charlotte at some point on the side. Sasha will begin to improve to carry the main event scene and bring back her true heel boss moniker in time to feud with Bayley several months down the line.

BREAKDOWN: 0 for Bayley, 3 for Charlotte, 4 for Sasha Banks.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong? What are your predictions? Sound off in the comments below!

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