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Diary: Gisele Shaw Available From IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling is releasing Diary documentaries on its YouTube Channel. The most recent is from Gisele Shaw.

In the documentary, Shaw discusses her upbringing starting in the Philippines and when she moved Canada. She discusses how she knew when she was younger that there was something different about her but it was hard to be herself due to bullying. She loved wrestling and would watch with her siblings but it meant more to her than her family as she wanted to pursue it as a career. Shaw discusses her time in the UK independant scene and how as an outsider she achieved the most in her time there.

Shaw opens up about being transgender and her process through acceptance. She openly admits she would be so concerned and scared for her life and safety. Throughout the documentary, you can see commentary by Scott D’Amore, Lance Storm, Mia Yim, and Jennifer LeMay.

You can view it below and also check out Jordynne Grace‘s story as well.

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