Monday, August 8, 2022

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Daizee Haze Speaks on ROH’s Growing Women of Honor Division

SHIMMER and Ring of Honor star, Daizee Haze spoke to Alex Marvez recently about the growing Women of Honor division in ROH.

The company has been amping up the use of its female talent, particularly Haze and first ever SHIMMER Champ Sara Del Rey, with a 10-minute match this past Monday on HDNet and a pay per view match next month.

She says:

“When I started in Ring of Honor, it was rare to see any type of women’s match on the show,” Haze recently said in a telephone interview. “I’m really excited to see it get pumped up again. Sara’s been around a long time and we’ve had tons and tons of matches. I’m also excited to see what new talent is going to be brought in to work.”

On WWE’s Divas division, Daizee said:

“WWE has done a lot better job the past couple years putting women out to do matches, but the girls aren’t necessarily wrestlers,” said Haze, who made her pro debut in 2002. “They’re trained to do certain things wrestlers do. That doesn’t really impress me. WWE could take any of the very talented women on the independent circuit today and make them look gorgeous. Instead, they’d rather take bikini models.”

You can read the full interview here.

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