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Dakota Kai Sticks By Bayley’s Side As Damage CTRL Lines Are Drawn

Damage CTRL isn’t how it was and the OG’s Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY remain on different terms.

On the Feb. 9 episode of SmackDown in a promo segment, Bayley said that she never asked for anything and that she put Damage CTRL first. Once Kairi Sane came back in the picture and Asuka joined group IYO and the group were laughing at her. Dakota Kai came out, and Bayley wondered where she was last Friday, feeling she was aligned with the rest of the group but Kai explained she was getting checked out as she is almost cleared to return

Kai also confirmed that she knew of the plan to oust Bayley, and wanted to tell her, but couldn’t. Bayley asked Kai where she stood, which brought out The Kabuki Warriors and SKY. They surrounded the ring as Kai dipped out. However, Kai emerged with a steel chair and fought off the rest of Damage CTRL. One the steel chair fell to the mat, Bayley kicked it unsure of Kai’s allegiance.

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