Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Dana Warrior hints at new job as WWE writer

As previously reported, Dana Warrior will be trying her hand as a writer for the WWE’s creative team. This news hasn’t been confirmed by WWE nor Warrior. However, she has recently commented on her history as a writer. She blogs about her love for writing and her inspirations. This letter is posted on the official Ultimate Warrior website.

She starts off her letter explaining that she has always enjoyed writing for as long as she can remember.

“I have been a writer from earliest memory. I would sit in my apple green play room, folding paper, creating makeshift books in which to pour my thoughts. Word upon word, layered with illustrations, created unending volumes all my OWN.”

Warrior credits her Auntie Paula for her “love of literature.” Further in her letter, Warrior explains her hopes and aspirations for her future. She has positive hopes amidst any naysayers or those who may doubt her experience.

“Some exciting opportunities are before me now. They make me laugh and cry with excitement …. Will there be unexpected naysayers questioning my chops, damn straight there will be! I’ll not permit another’s lack of support fill me with weakness or doubt. My track record of taking things on and slaying them to pretty pink ribbon is pretty gold glitter standard.”

You can view the entire report from Fightful in regards to the full letter.

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