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Dani Luna Discusses Her Release from WWE NXT UK

With NXT UK shutting down, several of the brands long term roster members would be released from their contracts while some appear to have been asked to relocate to the US to join NXT 2.0.

Dani Luna, who formed the group SUBCULTURE with Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews for the majority of her tenure, would be one of the stars released.

In a recent interview with NBC Sports ‘Ten Count’ podcast, Luna said the following when asked if she had been requested to relocate:

No, I was released [Luna responded when asked if she was asked to relocate to the U.S. for NXT]… I was released under very nice terms. I wasn’t ‘fired’. It was just a case of what they’re doing at the moment doesn’t fit what I’m doing at the moment kind of thing and obviously, I was in good company so, I can’t be too upset, you know? I still have all my friends.” – Transcript by POST Wrestling

It was well known by fans of the NXT UK brand that it did not receive as much attention as it likely deserved and Luna confirms this was recognised by the roster as she discussed the closure in preparation for NXT Europe.

It was [a] pretty quick turnaround to be honest but, the same you hear all these rumors, we hear ‘em all too and it’s even more unsettling when you work there, you know? [Luna said about NXT UK shutting down] So it was just a case of it happened and we were all understandably upset but, like you said, it didn’t necessarily have the biggest viewership in the world so from a business perspective, you can’t really be like, well that’s unfair. If it’s not making the money, I can’t be like, you have to keep me because I wanna work in WWE. It’s not up to me. It’s a lot bigger than just us lot.

Luna’s last match was a win against Stevie Turner on the November 11 2021 episode of NXT UK with a later confrontation on the show suggesting a future match against Blair Davenport. This would never happen as Luna would tear her ACL.

On her injury, Luna would reveal a timeframe for her recovery and expressed her desire to get back in the ring.

Well, I’m currently still injured so I’ve got a few months left. I tore my ACL about a year ago. So, step one is getting cleared and step two is wrestling absolutely everywhere that will have me. Between COVID happening and then getting hurt, I think I wrestled about eight matches in two years and like, my creative cup is overflowing. I need somewhere to put all that energy. So yeah, anywhere that will have me.

Be sure to follow Dani Luna on her Twitter for updates on what is next in store for her and her career!

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