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Detailed Weekend WSU Results: Mickie vs Martinez, Kong, Alicia and More

Detailed results from WSU’s shows on Friday and Saturday night below, courtesy of the company. A DVD release of both nights’ action, titled ‘When the Tigers Broke Free’, will be available for shipping on August 20th. You can pre-order by clicking here.

The leader of womens wrestling in the United States today, Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) returned this past weekend and made history once again. This weekend saw the most high profile challenger to date challenge for the WSU World Championship. In addition, WSU icon Alicia won the WSU Spirit Championship from arch-rival Brittney Savage. However, the biggest news of the weekend could be the announcement made by former WSU World Champion Angel Orsini, as Angel Orsini debuted a brand new “All Guts & No Glory” Championship to WSU and immediately defended it against Awesome Kong. It was a wild whirlwind weekend for WSU, and this news update will get you up-to-speed.

On 8/6, as part of a jointly promoted show with our big brother promotion, National Wrestling Superstars (NWS,, NWS promoter Joe Panzarino announced that there would be a special four-corner intergender tag team match. Panzarino called out Danny Demanto, Nicky Oceans, Little Guido & Mikey Pacifica to the ring, where each wrestler would announce their partners. However, this led to a war of words and a pier-6 brawl breaking out between all four men. NWS security had to break this violence up. NWS commissioner Gino Moore ruled that since these men couldn’t hold their rage in long enough to announce their partners, that he would personally announce their partners later on in the evening.

WSU Tag Champion Jana w/Cindy Rogers d. Marti Belle w/Tina San Antonio
Jana, a WSU original from day one, and an accomplished singles wrestler in her own right, defeated Marti Belle after her Jana-vice. (Front facelock submission). Marti Belle showed fire against the veteran, but the mean streak of Jana was too much to overcome. While Marti Belle put up a valiant effort in an attempt to make a crack for her Belles Saints tag team in the WSU tag team division, Jana showed why she was championship material.

Niya d. Rick Cataldo w/Brittney Savage & Alicia
Yes, you read that right, ALICIA, accomplanied Rick Cataldo to the ring. It was announced by WSU that Angel Orsini, Alicia & Brittney Savage all had major announcements to make on 8/6. Before this match, we found out two of them. Brittney Savage announced that the newest member of the Cosmo Club was Alicia! Alicia confirmed the announcement and begrudgingly made it clear that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Savage made sure to let Alicia know that she was the star, and it looked like the former WSU Tag Team Champions were on the same side. However, Alicia had a bigger announcement to make later on in the evening…

More after the cut:

WSU, while extremely proud of being the only womens company today to feature top level stars such as Mickie James, Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, Jazz & others and prides ourselves on featuring the best wrestlers in the world today in their primes, such as Mercedes Martinez, Alicia, Nikki Roxx, Rain & others is also excited about being the company to give girls their start. Instead of throwing new wrestlers and treating new wrestlers as fodder to everyone else, WSU gives rookies a place to make a name for themselves right off the bat. It was under this style that stars like Miss April (now currently in the WWE) and Brittney Savage were able to make a name for themselves.

If there is another budding star in WSU, look no further than Niya. Niya impressed the WSU crowd with a series of innovative moves and destroyed Rick Cataldo. Keep an eye out for Niya. One person who should keep an eye out is Brittney Savage as Niya now has wins over 2 members in the Cosmo Club.

NWS Six-Man Tag Team Action
As part of the event, NWS promoted a special 6-man tag team match. This was the match that Angel Orsini decided to crash.

After a brutal 15 minute affair, this six man tag team match came to an end. However, it wasn’t over yet, as Angel Orsini came to the ring and started suplexing everyone out of their boots with vicious T-Bone and backdrop driver suplexes. Angel Orsini looked possessed, as she destroyed the men with ease. We have seen mixed tag-team matches in WSU before, with the King & Queen of the Ring Tournament every year, but we’ve never seen a woman dominate men like this.

Angel Orsini, curiously with an unsanctioned championship belt around her waist would make her announcement. This is something that needs to be seen to really sink in, as our recap can give Orsini no justice here, but we will try to sum it up for you. However, we strongly urge you pick up the DVD to feel the passion behind Orsini’s words.

Orsini stated that ever since June 6th, 2009, she was no longer able to get a WSU World Title match due to the stipulation of the IRONWOMAN match where she and Martinez went 70 minutes. It was the longest match ever in womens wrestling, and arguably the greatest womens wrestling match of all time. It is by far the best match WSU has ever put on and it is a match that the womens wrestling world frequently discusses. However, due to a pre-match stip, to end the Orsini/Martinez issue once and for all, it was deemed that the loser could never get a WSU World Title shot again while the other was champion.

For the past year, Orsini has played nice. She helped fight off Rain & Nikki Roxx when they were in cahoots to steal the title from Martinez. Together, Martinez & Orsini put away Havok/Hatred not only to put an end to Havok/Hatred’s quest to win the World Title, but to also win the WSU Tag Team Championships as a unit. Orsini said she respected Martinez, but like everyone else, never expected Martinez to go on this unprecedented World Title reign, a reign that has lasted already 18+ months. Keep in mind that the WSU World title is the most prestigious womens championship in the world today and is defended all the time, as Martinez is already up to 29 World Title defenses.

Orsini said she has played nice and has stuck by the rules. However, WSU commissioner Dawn Marie ruled that if Orsini was able to win the J-Cup Tournament this year, she would get a World Title shot, as that is the reward for winning the tournament. Orsini was more determined, as finally, being the good guy had paid off and she would finally get a chance to earn a World Title shot again. However it wasn’t meant to be, as Alicia would defeat Orsini in the finals to win the J-Cup and earn a World Title match on 6/26.

Orsini still kept a smile on her face and still tried to be the good guy. Angel Orsini then entered the Uncensored Rumble. Dawn Marie ruled again that if Angel could win the rumble, she would get a title shot, as that was the reward for winning that match. Orsini would draw number 2 in the 24 woman rumble, the worst possible number you could pick, as drawing number 2 in a battle royal is the same thing as drawing number 1. However, this didn’t phase Orsini, as Orsini would go on to eliminate the most people in the match. It would finally come down to Orsini’s friend Jazz & Orsini herself.

Jazz, who looked to have injured her knee entering the rumble, spent most of the rumble tucked in a corner. Out of respect none of the girls in the rumble went after Jazz, as no one wanted to mess with someone who was unable to move. After Orsini cleared the ring, eliminating Rain & Amber O’Neal, Orsini saw Jazz holding her knee. All that was preventing Orsini from a future world title match was her injured friend.

Orsini went to look after Jazz, as she was concerned for her friend. That momentary lapse, that act of kindness, cost Orsini. Jazz would dump Orsini over the top rope and showed everyone she really wasn’t injured. Jazz faked her way to a world title shot. Orsini was livid and enraged. Orsini went nuts. Backstage, officials had to calm her down as she tore the locker room apart. Angel Orsini had snapped. It had been over a year since Orsini last challenged for the championship that many fans associated her with for so long. A championship Orsini built up. A championship that meant something. A championship that Orsini took to new heights. Now the reality had sunk in. Orsini would never get a WSU World title match again. The free chances were up.

WSU officials did not hear from Orsini since Orsini decided to jump Alicia and beat her up after the Martinez/Alicia match on 6/26. All we knew was that Orsini attacked Alicia because Orsini felt she should’ve won the J-Cup and been in that World Title match. All Orsini would tell WSU is that she had a major announcement to make on 8/6.

Orsini said after destroying the men that it is BS that she can never get a title shot again. Orsini said it’s been over a year since she’s had a crack at the championship, and she’s watched Mercedes put people away, but she knew that deep down, if she got another shot at Mercedes she’d be champion once again. Orsini then talked about her career, starting off wrestling people like Chyna, training Molly Holly and making her way towards ECW. Orsini said she met someone who was a big inspiration in her career there, a guy called Taz. Orsini said that Taz would take her under his wing and give her advice. However, Taz would leave ECW, but Taz’s teachings were never forgotten.

Orsini said if she can’t get a shot at the most prestigious championship in wrestling, then she’d create her own championship that would be even more prestigious than the WSU World Title. At that point, Angel Orsini showed off her brand new championship belt, and announced the debut of the “All Guts, No Glory” Championship. Orsini said ever since she lost the WSU World Title, she’s been all guts around here but not getting any of the glory, hence the name of her new championship. Orsini said she was taking a page out of her former mentor’s book with the creation of this championship.

Orsini then put the WSU roster on notice saying that anyone who is going to be number 1 contender to the WSU World Title or even challenge for it, is going to have a problem with Orsini. Orsini said she is going to wipe out everyone in WSU until there is no one left and she is forced to get a WSU World Title shot. Orsini then said that Awesome Kong has a WSU World Title match on 9/11 and Awesome Kong would become her first victim. This led to Awesome Kong coming out to stare down Orsini, but before any violence could take place, security quickly broke it up.

Amber d. Divina Fly
After a major announcement prior to this match by Angel Orsini, we were then treated to another veteran vs rookie match, as Amber, who has been with WSU since day one took on newcomer Divina Fly. This was another match featuring participants in the WSU tag team division, as Amber was representing The Boston Shore and Divina Fly was reppin’ the Fly Girls. In the end, Amber put away Divina Fly to give The Boston Shore some momentum in WSU.

Tina San Antonio w/Marti Belle d. WSU Tag Champion Cindy Rogers w/Jana
In one of the biggest upsets of the year, Tina San Antonio picked up her first victory in WSU when she was able to roll up WSU veteran and WSU Tag Team Champion Cindy Rogers for a 1-2-3! However, a bigger story came after the match, when Jana attacked Tina after the match. Marti Belle tried to save her partner, but would also fall victim to the WSU Tag Team Champions.

This then led to Danny Demanto & Nicky Oceans coming out, as they looked to have their eyes on the vulnerable Belle’s Saints. However, before anything vicious could happen, Mikey Pacifica and Little Guido ran out to make sure the Belle’s Saints weren’t attacked by Danny & Nicky. This then led to everyone brawling, until security could clear the ring. NWS commissioner Gino Moore then ruled that he had seen enough and that he can tell that the Belle’s Saints & The Cosmo Club still had unfinished business and the four men didn’t announce their partners yet. Gino then announced the partners for the four-corner intergender match later on in the show!

For the WSU Spirit Championship
Alicia d. (c) Brittney Savage w/Rick Cataldo and Brittany Force
In what was originally scheduled to be Savage vs Force, Alicia had a trick up her sleeve. With everyone expecting Alicia to manage Savage based on the announcement earlier in the night, we found out that Alicia had a real announcement to make. That announcement was that she tricked Brittney Savage into a false security and had secretly invoked her WSU Spirit Title match rematch clause from the WSU Third Anniversary Show! Alicia said she’d never ever team with someone like Savage and wanted the Spirit Championship back. Savage would try to leave the ring, but Gino Moore ruled if Savage left, then it would be Alicia vs Force one-on-one for the title.

With this match now being a triple threat, the match started with Force & Alicia double teaming Savage. However, the always pesky Rick Cataldo was at ringside trying to help Savage. But Alicia had seen this game before. Alicia would take out Rick Cataldo and michinoku driver Savage for the 1-2-3 and to become the new WSU Spirit Champion! Savage was enraged, and we will have more on this match at the end of this update.

Nicky Oceans & Cindy Rogers d. Danny Demanto & Jana, Mikey Pacifica & Marti Belle , Little Guido & Tina San Antonio in a Four-Corners Intergender Tag
In a match reminiscient of a WSU/NWS King & Queen of the Ring tournament, four interesting mixed squads did battle for bragging rights. However, Rogers & Oceans would win this match via nefarious activity, but it seems that the Oceans vs Little Guido feud is far from over.

For the WSU “All Guts, No Glory” Championship
(c) Angel Orsini d. Awesome Kong via DQ
This match started off in the ring, but after a feeling out process, Orsini knew she’d have to use the big guns to do damage against the monstrous and barbaric Awesome Kong. These two brawled all over the building, broke tables, broke chairs and had an all out war in Middletown, NJ. With the match at a fever pitch and with complete hellacious anarchy going down, Awesome Kong went to do a swinging backfist at Orsini. However Orsini ducked and Kong punched a steel chair (which ref Kenny Edwards took away earlier) in the ref’s face. The match would however continue, as no one dared to break it up.

With both girls at war with each other, Orsini dropkicked Awesome Kong and Kong’s momentum sent her crashing through a table. Kong would get up and the two would still kick the crap out of each other even more!

However, Referee Kenny Edwards came to and announced a DQ on Awesome Kong. Ring announcer Joe Panzarino, frightened by Angel Orsini, said it was a double-dq and the match was a no contest. Kong, who thought Orsini should’ve been DQ’d charged after Joe Panzarino and Panzarino ran to the back with Kong in pursuit.

With Orsini all alone in the ring, The Cosmo Club, Brittney Savage, Rick Cataldo, Jana & Cindy Rogers came out. Savage wanted to recruit Orsini for the Cosmo Club to take out Alicia, one of Orsini’s newer rivals, but Orsini wanted no part of it. Ironically, Alicia ran out to help Orsini and Alicia & Orsini destroyed the entire Cosmo Club. Alicia and Orsini would then bump backs and Alicia turned around and planted Orsini with a michinoku driver! Alicia said her Spirit Championship is what matters and now the score is 1-1, referencing Orsini’s attack on Alicia on 6/26.

Eventually, Orsini would get up. Orsini said she was going after everyone and had no friends in WSU and she would be a one woman wrecking crew. Orsini said she wants Kong one more time and wants to give the fans of Middletown a conclusive finish next time around. Orsini said The All Guts, No Glory Championship will become the top prize in WSU and made it clear that anyone going for the WSU World Title would be her next victim, and it starts with Alicia. Orsini thanked the crowd for coming out, as Orsini is from the area.

One thing is for sure, there is alot of chaos going on in WSU right now and the WSU World Title picture has never been as crazy as it is now.

On 8/7, WSU history was made once again when WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez defended the WSU World Title against Mickie James at an ICW event in Queens, NY. This match has been added as a bonus to the 8/6 DVD. This DVD is already available for pre-order on! More details to come.

In what went 16 minutes, 25 seconds, Martinez & James battled in an intense and see-saw battle. James, close to capturing her first championship since leaving the WWE showed to the entire wrestling world that she was no longer a diva, but one of the greatest wrestlers around today. However, James would come up short to THE GREATEST womens wrestler today. Martinez would reverse a Mickie DDT into a fishermans buster for the clean 1-2-3.

Despite the loss, this was an excellent match for James. Both women hugged after the match and Martinez has lobbied WSU to bring Mickie James into WSU full-time. It should be interesting to see what happens next in that department.

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