Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Deville & Green Win First WWE Gold As New Women Tag Team Champs

Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green are the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. On the July 17 episode of Raw, they defeated Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez to be crowned. This is the first gold for both Deville and Green in WWE.

Prior to the match taking place, Rodriguez and Morgan were being interviewed backstage. They were confronted by the Women’s World Champion who would head butt Morgan and then take out Rodriguez at the knee. Medical cleared Rodriguez to compete and she agreed to as she limped her way to the ring with Morgan to defend the titles.

The final moments of the match had Morgan isolated in the ring when Rodriguez was taken out at the injured knee outside of the ring. Morgan went to stack up Green for the win but she kicked out. Green executed a second UnprettyHer to Morgan as Deville hit the running knee for the exclamation point for the victory.

Deville and Green become the 17th team to hold the gold since its inception in 2019 and the 26th and 27th individuals who have been called tag champions.

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