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Dirt from Down Under: The Latest Australian Wrestling News & Results

Shazza McKenzie

We always hear about independent wrestling in the USA, but what about those oft-forgotten countries… like Australia? Here are the latest happenings in the Australian wrestling scene, including recent results and upcoming events you can attend:

June 10th – AWF (Penrith, NSW): In her debut match, Rachel Rose defeated Selene.. it was announced that Sara Jay could not make the event due to a car accident.

June 10th – MCW (Tullamarine, VIC): As previously reported on Diva Dirt, Tenille ran down the fans, then introduced K.C. Cassidy as her protege… Shazza McKenzie and Sway took offense to Tenille’s comments, leading to a match… Tenille and K.C. Cassidy then defeated Shazza McKenzie and Sway.

June 11th – RCW (North Adelaide, SA): Miami defeated Melody Summers.

June 11th – Wrestling for Rotary (Bendigo, VIC): In what was said to be a ‘fun match’, Serena Deeb defeated Kellie Skater.

June 18th – Warzone Wrestling (Berwick, VIC): Shazza McKenzie defeated Kellyanne English in Kellyanne’s debut match for the company. Check out Cory Lockwood Photograhy‘s photos from the event.

June 18th – NAW (Albion, VIC): Iron Horse Morrison defeated ex-girlfriend Lowzen and George Julio in a handicap match.

June 18th – AWF @ Supanova Expo (Sydney, NSW): Selene pinned Rachel Rose.

June 19th – AWF @ Supanova Expo (Sydney, NSW): On the next day’s show, Rachel Rose beat both Baby Devine and Selene in a triple threat match.

June 25th – AWF (Minto, NSW): TNT and Selene opened the show… Rachel Rose was congratulated on graduating from their wrestling school and welcomed into the “Detonation Crew”… later that evening Baby Devine interrupted the school’s graduation ceremony but Rachel Rose shut her up by defeating her in a match.

June 25th – BPW (Ballarat, VIC): Eliza Sway defeated Shazza McKenzie in what was described as an ‘energetic match’ that the ‘crowd was very into.’

June 25th – PWAQ (Chermside, QLD): Niki Nitro defeated Charli.

July 1st – IPW Australia (Ashmore, QLD): Gaining revenge for the attack last show, Storm defeated Minx following the “Electrocution” neck breaker.

July 8th – PWA Australia (Liverpool, NSW): Robbie Eagles and Jessie McKay defeated Matt Bailey and K.C. Cassidy in mixed tag action… Brian Seeker, Matt Bailey and K.C. Cassidy beat down on the two after the match, but Robbie and McKay were saved by Ryan and Madison Eagles making their return. However, Madison turned on Jessie by giving her a ‘solid kick to the head’ and delivering the Hell Bound to Robbie Eagles. Check out a preview of the match at PWA Australia’s YouTube channel.

July 9th – NAW (Albion, VIC): Nikita Naridian (also known as Kellyanne English) defeated Vixsin and TJ Star in a triple threat match to become #1 contender to their women’s title… after the match, she clocked her sister (and current champion) Lowzen with the belt.

July 9th – MCW (Thornbury, VIC): Shazza McKenzie defeated Tenille in Tenille’s last match in Australia.. view pictures and video from the evening here.

July 16th – RCW (North Adelaide, SA): Savannah’s sister Melody Summers & Matt Silva defeated Sway & Adam Brooks… post-match Matt Silva attacked Sway’s friend Miami (out of action with broken ribs)… Silva was subsequently chased from the ring by Jimmy Scarlett and then fired by RCW’s commissioner.

July 23rd – PROWL (Hemmant, QLD): Niki Nitro defeated Baby Devine to advance in their recently announced “Queen of the Pride” tournament… the tournament will be a six woman tournament that will conclude in 2012.

Upcoming Events

July 30th – PWAQ (Chermside, QLD): Niki Nitro is scheduled to take on “a former women’s champion in QLD”… no word yet on who her opponent will be… as there’s never been many women’s championships in Queensland it’s likely to be someone who has appeared for MIW/WCWA/IPW Australia in the past.

August 19th – AAW (Warnbro, WA): Imogen Jane and a mystery partner are to take on Storm (in her debut for the company) and a mystery partner.

August 20th – AAW (Warnbro, WA): Imogen Jane vs. Storm has been announced to be taking place for the women’s championship that Imogen currently holds.

PWWA: September 3

September 3rd – PWWA (Liverpool, NSW): This show is shaping up to be the biggest women’s wrestling show in Australia… already announced for the event is SHIMMER’s first international title defense between Madison Eagles, Jessie McKay and Canada’s Nicole Matthews… other names that will be appearing are Kellie Skater, K.C. Cassidy, Shazza McKenzie, Eliza Sway, Savannah Summers, Bombshell Bo, Harley Wonderland, New Zealand’s Evie, Megan-Kate, Britenay and J.P.E. Kellyanne English is the newest name added to the roster with more still to be announced. Diva Dirt will be in attendance at the show.

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