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Diva Couture: Wrestling’s Female Trios (Every Group Has a Michelle Williams)

I think we can all agree that Beyoncé put on one of the greatest performances of all time at the Superbowl this past Sunday. Who am I kidding? THE greatest halftime show of all time. I mean seriously, just look at her.

Not only did Queen B look fierce, sexy and classy all at once, she brought some of her friends with her. I think one of the highlights of the performance was the surprise reunion of Destiny’s Child.

It was wonderful. The girls all looked hot. Okay, well, maybe just Beyonce and Kelly. Michelle, though, kind of looked out of place and lost as usual.

That’s not to say she didn’t do her best to be as fabulous as the other girls, but she just didn’t have it. This isn’t entirely Michelle’s fault. If anyone knows anything about Destiny’s Child they know there were several other members before Michelle was the third girl. Hell, there were even four members at one point. She tries, but she’ll never be Beyonce.

Why am I talking about Destiny’s Child? Well, I really just wanted an excuse to illustrate the fact that every female trio has had a Michelle Williams: someone who just doesn’t have the flare (or the fashion sense) of the other two. This, of course, includes trios in the wrestling world.

Who has played the styles-clashing third wheel? Click through the pages below to find out.

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