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Diva Dirt Announces Major Expansion (And We Want Your Help!)

We are extremely excited to announce today that we have reached a deal with Jason Deadrich, founder of the world’s largest professional wrestling video on demand site,, to expand Diva Dirt in the coming months — and we want your help!

Since Erin and I launched this site as a news blog two and a half years ago, it has gone from strength to strength. So many of you have taken this journey with us and enjoyed all of our successes. We’ve been blessed to forge some great contacts, conducted some fantastic interviews and have even raised money for charity. But as we look to the future, we quickly realised that we have frankly grown out of being a ‘blog’. We created the moniker ‘The Women’s Wrestling Bible’ but with Jason’s investment and expertise, Diva Dirt really will be the women’s wrestling bible as we step it up a gear and move up to the next level.

As well as creating ClickWrestle, Jason is also the founder of ChickFight, the home promotion of Cheerleader Melissa and founder of the newly-established Female Fight League. Needless to say, he is a big advocate of women’s wrestling and has been an integral part of our growth since partnering with us one year ago.

“Working with Melanie and Erin at Diva Dirt over the past year has been a real pleasure and I am excited about taking the next steps to make Diva Dirt a must-visit, destination site for all fans of female professional wrestling,” said Jason.

So what does all of this mean for you? Well, in a couple of months time, we will be relaunching Diva Dirt [Diva Dirt 2.0 if you will] with a brand new, professional look and feel and stacks of new content. We are moving away from being a ‘news blog’ and becoming a content provider in our own right. As well as the news, editorial and audio you currently see, Diva Dirt will feature exclusive photo galleries, video footage of women’s wrestling from around the world and much more.

Additionally, we will be launching a premium section that will bring readers closer access to the stars for a flat-rate monthly fee. We understand that the prospect of a premium section may sound daunting but rest assured, Diva Dirt has taken great consideration into getting this right and providing first-run, exclusive content featuring some of your favourite female wrestlers. Our goal is to provide wrestling’s best female talent with new avenues of income to complement traditional means i.e. bookings, in liason with the Female Fight League.

“When we announced the formation of the Female Fight League, we stressed that this would not just be another wrestling promotion. The FFL represents an organization of female wrestling promoters, wrestlers and fans. Teaming up with Diva Dirt is a perfect fit for the FFL and we look forward to furthering female professional wrestling and providing support for promotions and wrestlers around the world,” said Jason.

And now, this is where you come in! We want to hear what or who you’d like to see as part of the new Diva Dirt. Got a suggestion on content? Promotions you’d like to see us work with? A certain wrestler you’d like to see contribute? We’ll be listening to all of your suggestions so we can truly make Diva Dirt 2.0 the women’s wrestling bible.

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