Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Diva Dirt Discussions: Heather Monroe

Welcome the this week’s edition of Diva Dirt Discussions in which we interview wrestlers and talent from around the world.

In these discussions we talk with talent about their lockdown experiences, what they’ve missed, what they’re looking forward too and of course their in-ring returns.

This week, we talk to the Killer Bae, Heather Monroe.

Heather Monroe is quickly becoming a prominent name on the independent scene. Her impressive ring skills and standout character and attitude has made her a must see performer.

She was recently ranked number 97 in the PWI Women’s 100 and is the current Hurricane Pro Women’s Champion.

In the interview, we discussed everything from Lockdown birthdays to AEW. Plus her amazing run in World Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and her “Best of Seven” feud with Lacey Ryan.

Check out the interview below and keep your eyes peeled for more Diva Dirt Discussions coming soon.

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