Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Diva Dirt Fan Awards 2012: Best Finisher

2012fanawardsThe results are in! Over the past two weeks you have been voting in your thousands for the winners of the 2012 Diva Dirt Fan Awards. All of the votes have been counted and verified, and it’s now time to reveal who you’ve picked…

Best Finisher

The nominees were:

Eat Defeat (Gail Kim)
Glam Slam (Beth Phoenix)
O-Face (Athena)
RamPaige (Paige)
Sharpshooter (Natalya)
Sky Yim (Mia Yim)
Snap swinging neckbreaker (Eve)
Superfly Splash (Tamina Snuka)
Tess Shocker (Brooke Tessmacher)
Widow’s Peak (Tara)

And the winner is…

Widow’s Peak – 23%

Glam Slam – 20%
RamPaige – 14%

Did the right person win? Tell us what you think in the comments or by tweeting @divadirt.

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