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Diva Dirt Fantasy League: Season 1 Participants


Thank you to everyone who has applied to be part of our first ever Diva Dirt Fantasy League! Due to the overwhelming amount of applications, we have closed the signups 24 hours before the deadline! We have decided to accept 50 participants for this first season.

Underneath the cut is a full table of all 50 particpants as well as your chosen Divas/Knockouts. If your name isn’t on the list it means A) you haven’t made the count or B) you chose a combo that was already chosen and failed to correct this in time.

If your details are wrong, please use this post to correct them. Unless there is a clash that I have missed [which is possible, as there’s 50 of you, 3 Divas/Knockouts each and one of me] you may not change your selection at this point.

Table after the cut:

1 Pedro Pedroso Alicia Fox Melina Awesome Kong
2 Rico Gail Kim Eve Torres Tara
3 Knockout12 Mickie James Melina Angelina Love
4 Eric Beth Phoenix Natalya Taylor Wilde
5 xcc77 Gail Kim Melina Tara
6 Alexandre Kelly Kelly Melina Sarita
7 Thannya Gail Kim Layla Alissa Flash
8 Spiffy Kelly Kelly Eve Torres Tara
9 TheWWEUberfan Gail Kim Michelle McCool Tara
10 Paul Mickie James Michelle McCool Angelina Love
11 Nala310 Mickie James Eve Torres Angelina Love
12 Roger Gail Kim Michelle McCool Christy Hemme
13 Lita-Sault-666 Mickie James Eve Torres Tara
14 pukimonster Gail Kim Natalya Angelina Love
15 Chris Mickie James Melina Tara
16 Steven_D Beth Phoenix Eve Torres Awesome Kong
17 Tom Gail Kim Melina Sarita
18 Kevin Gail Kim Natalya Sarita
20 Dom Gail Kim Melina Awesome Kong
21 Mike Gail Kim Melina Christy Hemme
22 Lee Kelly Kelly Natalya Awesome Kong
23 Russell Gail Kim Eve Torres Christy Hemme
24 Weirddork Mickie James Michelle McCool Tara
25 Tanzie Mickie James Natalya Velvet Sky
26 Stratusboi Alicia Fox Natalya Sarita
27 William Mickie James Natalya Taylor Wilde
28 Miss Bella Gail Kim Melina Angelina Love
29 Carly Gail Kim Eve Torres Angelina Love
30 Brandon Kelly Kelly Natalya Tara
31 StevoParadiso Rosa Mendes Katie Lea Madison Rayne
32 WWEFanGurl Beth Phoenix Natalya Tara
33 Extreme Beth Phoenix Michelle McCool Traci Brooks
34 ddrok Rosa Mendes Maria Awesome Kong
35 Kathy Mickie James Eve Torres Madison Rayne
36 Al Mickie James Melina ODB
37 Divafanjill Mickie James Natalya Angelina Love
38 Daniel Mickie James Eve Torres Velvet Sky
39 KiKi Beth Phoenix Melina Awesome Kong
40 xodaniellexo Beth Phoenix Michelle McCool Tara
41 Sophie Mickie James Eve Torres Awesome Kong
42 Thrillseeker Mickie James Layla Tara
43 Laurmarz Mickie James Eve Torres Christy Hemme
44 mariosthemaster Beth Phoenix Melina Tara
45 gfuk07 Gail Kim Melina Daffney
46 Kris Style Mickie James Melina Traci Brooks
47 Jenny Gail Kim Michelle McCool Angelina Love
48 Carlos Kelly Kelly Michelle McCool Angelina Love
49 Antonio Luckett Alicia Fox Melina Tara
50 Redsoul Beth Phoenix Natalya Awesome Kong

– #2 and #23. Russell please can you change one or more of your picks. If I do not hear from you by the deadline, I will have to pull you out. [Deadline: Sunday, August 2nd 23:59pm UK BST]

The Diva Dirt team will be doing our own league among the four of us, instead of the winner winning a prize, the person who ranks bottom will have to do a forfeit on a future episode of the Diva Dirt Roundtable.

1 Melanie Gail Kim Melina Tara
2 Erin Mickie James Melina Awesome Kong
3 Tiffany Mickie James Eve Torres Awesome Kong
4 Steven Mickie James Melina Tara

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