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Diva Dirt Style Jury: WrestleMania 26 Special

Divas beware, we judge what you wear! Welcome to a special Diva Dirt Style Jury in honor of WrestleMania 26! We have compiled all of the looks and marked them on a scale of 1-10. At the end of the scoring, we work out the combined score for each look and the Diva with the highest combined score is our winner and the Diva with the lowest combined score is our loser.

So, let the proverbial runway show begin!

Cryssi: Making up for her Hall of Fame blunder, Alicia won best dressed of the night for me. She reclaimed her title of “Miss Fierce” for rocking the hell out of that little skirt while shining in her portion of the match better than the other divas, and getting a pop from the crowd. Her hair was great as well. Probably one of my all-time favorite ring attires from any Diva. 10/10
Erin: The skirt look works for her, as much as I don’t like it when Divas wrestle in skirts. I think it’s because it doesn’t look girly, with the black and chain accents. The hair is kick ass, too. Overall, she looks tough, but ultra feminine at the same time, which isn’t an easy thing to pull off. 8/10
Melanie: I always criticise when girls wrestle in skirts but Alicia at WrestleMania may just be the exception. Now you can call me a hypocrite but this to me wasn’t a ‘cute’ skirt like Tiffany would wear to wrestle in, this was a sassy and dramatic skirt that has a gladitor-esque feel to it — it seems appropriate for the ring. Alicia’s legs are just too amazing to cover with pants so I like that she wore something shorter and showed them off at ‘Mania. It’s stuff like this that made us name her ‘Alicia Fierce’.9/10
Steven: Alicia takes the award for best dressed on Team Michelle, in my honest opinion. It looks like she took some of her old FCW gear and gave it a major upgrade. Also, her hair is looking awesome (for once). A perfect night in the wardrobe department for Ms. Fox. 10/10

Cryssi: Did not like the all white look at all. She went for different, but it wasn’t my cup of tea at all. That said, Beth is one of the prettier girls on the roster and I still love her even if she did wear all white. 6/10
Erin: An all-white variation of her look is prefect for the big show, and she pulls it off nicely. Though again, like Maryse‘s look, this may not look as good outside of the WrestleMania spotlight. 8/10
Melanie: The Glamazon rocked this all white look. She looked somewhat ethereal but like she could still kick your ass. Again, this was a bold dramatic outfit for ‘Mania and Beth looked flawless. 8/10
Steven: Beth rocked the hell out of her ‘Mania gear, if you ask me. I would never have thought to put the almighty Glamazon in all white, but it looked awesome! 9/10

Read on for more of this week’s outfits and to see who’s been branded our winner and loser.

Cryssi: Eve’s outfit was just kind of ehh for me. It’s nothing new or amazing. The colors are different and that’s about it. She’s so gorgeous I tend to ignore her outfits sometimes. 7/10
Erin: She almost looks like she’s going for a complimentary look with Mickie, with her look almost looking like a gold tank top and denim shorts. For all its WrestleMania shiny fittingness, it’s not doing it for me. I think changing the shorts and boots to black would make for a WrestleMania appropriate look without looking like she was dipped in gold and threw on a pair of jean shorts 5 minutes before the match. 5/10
Melanie: I am really not a fan of this outfit. The bottoms just look like denim shorts which I don’t find appropriate for ‘Mania. I think Eve missed the mark because the all silver outfit she wore on Raw last week popped and would have been perfect for ‘Mania. 4/10
Steven: Same old gear, different color. That said, I do like the bronzy-gold color she went for. Definitely one of my favorite outfits of Eve’s. 7/10

Cryssi: I’m jealous of any woman who can wear yellow because I can’t. 9/10
Erin: That shade of yellow is definitely something you don’t often see on Diva gear, so I like that aspect of it. It’s a bit Power Ranger, though (and the yellow Ranger was my favorite, for the record), and would probably benefit from a secondary color to balance out all the bright yellow. I certainly applaud the different approach. 7/10
Melanie: This is a colour that so few women can do justice and Gail is one of them. I absolutely love the colour on her and the gold trimming is an extra added touch of class. I also like that Gail tried out a new look with the single strap going around her neck. Gorgeous. 8/10
Steven: Honestly, that shade of yellow does nothing for me, but like the variation the top. 5/10

Cryssi: This was vintage Kelly :). It was cotton candy pink, sugary sweet, and a throw back in some weird sense of the word. Kelly looked cute and fun, and I would love to be her best friend IRL so we could go shopping for pink clothes together and get manicures. Love it. 9.5/10
Erin: Silver and pink shouldn’t look awful together, but here it’s nothing good. The cut of the gear definitely has something to do with it too, as the sleeves just overwhlem the look and make it look like some time of armor instead of wrestling gear. Though, it is WrestleMania, and over-the-top is the name of the game, but Kelly shouldn’t look like she’s about to brandish a sword at any moment. 5/10
Melanie: You know what, I am not a fan of this outfit but in a way, it suits Kelly. It’s pink, it’s girly but it’s also different and unique. With this, Kelly could have found her signature style as a wrestler like Michelle and Beth have their variations of their attire. The sleeves are interesting and sort of a throwback to when girls used to wear in sleeves like Ivory.5/10
Steven: I absolutely hated this outfit when I saw it last night. Now that I’m taking a second look, I still hate it but not as much. My major gripe would have to be the long sleeves. They just throw the whole outfit off. Without the tacky sleeves, this could have actually been some cute gear. 2/10

Cryssi: One of my least favorite attires of the night. This was boring, plain, and luckily for the outfit, it had a Layla in it, because the woman wearing it is the only thing that saved it from being just another ring outfit. 5/10
Erin: This new style of ring attire gives her a bit more coverage, allowing the straps to look less dominatrix-y. I think the white is a bit much when it’s covering so much skin; a darker color would’ve worked better. Cute Laycool hood, though. 6/10
Melanie: While I loved Beth in white, I wasn’t feeling Layla’s white ensemble. Layla didn’t have a great weekend between this and her Hall of Fame dress. 4/10
Steven: Layla’s ‘Mania gear kinda reminds of Saritaylor’s white and turquoise outfits, which is definitely a good thing. The ‘Lay-Cool’ is a nice touch as well. 7/10

Cryssi: Purple is definitely a great color for Maryse. She went for something completely different and opted to stand out rather than blend in. I’ve noticed Maryse tends to stick to darker colors and this purple and gold combination was stunning for the Diva’s Champion. 9/10
Erin: These are decidedly Mardi Gras colors, but totally fitting for a big event like WrestleMania. The purple, gold, and sparkles will likely look over-the-top when she eventually wears it on Raw, but here it’s totally fitting and interesting to look at. 8/10
Melanie: In my head, purple and gold shouldn’t go together but hot damn… Maryse looks impeccable! The colours fuse together and draw your attention immediately. It looks so shimmery and sexy. I love this shade of purple too. 9/10
Steven: I like this look on Maryse. The design is nothing new, but the deep purple color really makes it. 7/10

Cryssi: Just typical Michelle for me, but the color is beautiful on her. She looked very stoic and like a champion. She should have been allowed to shine on her own this night, but she had to settle for sharing the spotlight. 7/10
Erin: Beautiful teal color, complimenting Layla’s look while taking the better color combination. I guess being the alpha female has its perks. 8/10
Melanie: Gorgeous! Michelle looks piercing in this shade of blue — it just pops right off the screen and makes you look twice. Definitely (Mc)Cool.. 8/10
Steven: Michelle is looking awesome in a particularly gorgeous shade of blue. It’s obvious why she saved this one for ‘Mania. 8/10

Cryssi: Same ole, same ole. I noticed on her Twitter that Mickie said the outfit was new. I never would have been able to tell because it looks like everything else she wears. It’s Wrestlemania; the night Randy Orton’s man panties made me scream “Ohmygod, you are so freakin’s sexy” at my TV. The night Jack Swagger summoned his inner Kurt Angle. The night Kofi Kingston got a new hairdo just for the show. Point is, even the guys went for something different and Mickie just fell flat. 3/10
Erin: That just looks so uncomfortable to wrestle in, with the tight top and jeans. The rips and feather accents definitely fit that Native American look she’s so fond of, and it’s not a bad look, but it definitely has no place in a wrestling ring–it looks like street wear, not anything close to athletic wear, and it makes Mickie look like a spectator, not a competitor. I guess I’m just a wrestling gear purist. 4/10
Melanie: In the words of Sue Sylvester, Mickie, swish it up a bit! This is WrestleMania, you could have been a little more adventurous. However, I do take into account that getting an outfit for ‘Mania hasn’t exactly been a top priority for Mickie who has been dealing with injury. Even so, I’ve never liked Mickie’s Pochantas-meets-country singer look. 4/10
Steven: Honestly, Mickie. You couldn’t be bothered to scrounge around in your closet for some new gear?! It’s WrestleMania for crying out loud! 2/10

Cryssi: Savannah was stunning in her Wrestlemania debut. She rarely makes mistakes and on the biggest night of the year, Savannah brought the pretty, the sexy, and the awesome and wrapped it all in one sweet package. 9/10
Erin: She’s still following in Lilian Garcia’s sparkly footsteps, but that’s not a bad thing. This dress was eye-catching and sexy but not so over the top that it detracts attention from the wrestlers. I applaud her from restraining herself, not going for some loud color and keeping it simple and sexy. Very smart choice. 9/10
Melanie: Looks like Savannah is continuing Lilian Garcia’s tradition of sexy and sparkly at WrestleMania. I absolutely love this dress and in my opinion, Savannah is quickly becoming the most fashionable Diva in WWE. The colours of this dress are gorgeous — the salmon colour complements Savannah’s skin beautifully and the sparkliness just looks beautiful too. 9/10
Steven: I think I would like this more if the top part matched the bottom, if that make any sense. In any case, Savannah was smoking, even if we only got to see her for a moment. 8/10

Cryssi: OMG, I blinked when I saw Serena strutting her stuff with the SES on Mania. Her throwback, stonewash skinny jeans, black boots, top, and leather jacket were freakin’ amazing on her. She rocks her buzzed head so well and she just looks so confident, calm, and evil. Serena is turning into one of my favorite Divas on the roster. I loved her last night. 9/10
Erin: I always tend to think that Serena looks a little bottom-heavy; that it to say that her clothes overwhelm what’s going on above the neck. Obviously that has a lot to do with her bald head, but it’s also due to her noticeable curves. A look like that doesn’t help battle that problem, as bulky black leather in the jacket and boots and acid wash jeans just overwhelm her. I’m not saying bald girls can’t dress how they wish, but Serena’s packing so many curves that she’d do well to keep her outfits more streamlined. 5/10
Melanie: This look kinda throws me back to Trish Stratus‘ outfit at WrestleMania 20 with the jacket and pants tucked into the boots. It’s sassy! I really like this look on Serena. 7/10
Steven: Maybe it was the acid washed jeans or the sexy stilleto boots or maybe even her perfectly shaven head, but Serena was absolutely jaw-dropping in her Mania debut. I pretty sure she’s the only Diva who could even come close to pulling this look off. 9/10

Cryssi: Oy. Vickie isn’t going to make any best dressed lists, but what did we really expect? She’s not a wrestler and she’s not a sex goddess. 4/10
Erin: She’s not a wrestler, so it fits for her to wear what looks more like exercise gear than wrestling gear. Still, having “EXCUSE ME” all over the front just doesn’t has the same ring to it a “SIMPLY FLAWLESS”. The flames along the sides definitely give me an Eddie Guerrero vibe, and I really like that touch. 5/10
Melanie: Given that she’s not an actual wrestler, I like that she got some ring attire for this match. Obviously, it’s not going to look as great as some of the other girls’ outfits but I really love the homage to Eddie with the flames. 5/10
Steven: Vickie donned the obligatory “I’m-not-a-real-wrestler” sweats for last night festivities. Pretty plain but then again, I wasn’t expecting her to come out in one of Layla’s spare outfits. The Guerrero flames were a nice touch though. 5/10

So, how did the girls score? Let’s put our scores through our highly scientific “Ensemble Classification Calculationomagraphier”® and see who we’ve deemed this week’s winner and loser. The following is in ascending order by their calculated score:

Mickie James: 13/40
Vickie Guerrero: 19/40
Kelly Kelly: 21.5/40
Layla: 22/40
Eve Torres: 23/40
Gail Kim: 29/40
Serena: 30/40
Beth Phoenix: 31/40
Michelle McCool: 31/40
Maryse: 33/40
Savannah: 35/40
Alicia Fox: 37/40

LOSER: MICKIE JAMES. Mickie’s usual outfit at WrestleMania wasn’t warmly received.

WINNER: ALICIA FOX. Her Hall of Fame dress may have been voted as the worst, but Alicia can seek solace in this big win!

Vote for your favourite look from this week below:

Thoughts? Complaints? Conspiracy theories? As always, let us know in the comments!

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