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Diva Dirt’s Stars of the Week: Week of December 6th, 2010

It’s time to hand out some proverbial gold stars! Based on the week’s TV and news, each of the Diva Dirt team members have picked one female who they deem to be their ‘Star of the Week’. Read below…

April: I am going to be unbiased in my opinion here and give Mickie James huge props for her determination. I may not be her biggest fan but she put on a hell of a show this past week on Impact. She and Tara both gave the cage match their all but I think Mickie really stood out. It isn’t everyday that we see female wrestlers in a cage match. The match kept my attention, in spite of the slow moments and the high risk Lou Thesz from the top of the cage was the perfect exclamation point. Major thumbs up to Mickie James for her presentation this week. I applaud her aggression and again, her determination as a wrestler.

Cryssi: Is it possible to have two stars of the week? I make my own rules, haha, so yes. I’m picking two. Lets call it a tie. Anyway, we often gripe about TNA and accuse them of turning into the WWE in regards to their Knockouts division. We have seen crappy short matches in the past and rather pointless happenings that basically mean nothing to the division. But as of late, they’ve sorta picked things up and this week on Impact, two highly respected Knockouts headlined the show and competed in the main event. Mickie James and Tara faced off against each other in a steel cage match which saw some vicious spots and one hell of an ending that had Mickie leaping off the top of the cage. For the fact Mickie would go for a bump like that and Tara would take it makes them both stars in my beautiful hazel eyes. So yes, here’s to you Mickie and Tara. May the Knockouts division continue to deliver action like this.

David: My Star of the Week is Mickie James. After a deflating loss to Tara at “Final Resolution”, Mickie exacted sweet revenge on this week’s TNA Impact. First she broke up Tara’s brutal performance of “Broken” (which could have won her my award all by itself) and then she defeated Tara in an exciting steel cage match. I thought it was cool this was the main event of the show and it featured some solid wrestling action. I feel badly that Tara got injured in this match; hopefully she’ll be OK soon. In the end, Mickie’s Lou Thesz Press off the top of the cage was incredible, proving for one week at least that she is indeed…Hardcore Country.

Eric: My Star of the Week goes to Tara. This week Tara showed the world of women’s wrestling what dedication looks like, when, during her cage match against Mickie James on Impact she tore ligaments in her elbow. Rather than finishing the match as quickly as possible, Tara worked through the injury and allowed Mickie to hit her spot and win the match. Get better soon Tara!

Erin:My Star of the Week took part in two decidedly unconventional matches this week, losing one and winner another. Mickie James, on her way to an inevitable Knockouts Championship feud, went head-to-head with Tara in two physically demanding matches in as many days. I may not have found their Final Resolution match to be as good as it could have been, but I can’t deny that it, along with the steel cage match on this week’s Impact, showcased the dedication both Knockouts have for their craft. If I could, I might have had Mickie and Tara in a tie for co-Stars of the week, but seeing as this is a singular distinction, I’ll award it to the woman who is undoubtedly going to benefit the most from these matches: Mickie. She’s on her way to the very top of the division, and I can appreciate that TNA didn’t push her there as soon as she walked through the door. She’s actually been built up towards this title push, and I’m sure that when she looks back at the her TNA tenure, Mickie will see this week as one that went a long way towards making the rest of it possible.

Melanie:Well we may as well make it unanimous since everyone else is mentioning Mickie and/or Tara. Both ladies have had incredible careers thus far and had nothing left to prove. Many questioned what else could they possibly do in their careers? What more could they accomplish? This past Thursday they both proved that they still have so much more to offer as they main evented Impact and waved a flag for women’s wrestling. Kudos to both ladies, this was their moment. I have a deeper respect for both seeing Tara hurt her elbow and Mickie hurt her knee coming off the top. It takes a lot of conditioning to be able to withstand all that and then come back the next night for yet another taping (and Thursday and Friday!). Hats off to you both.

Who is your Star of the Week? Sound off in the comments!

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