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Diva Dirt’s Top 5 Moments from Tough Enough

WWE’s Tough Enough revival wraps a fun first season tonight when Andy or Luke (who cares?) is crowned the TE Champion. It’s been a season of highs and lows for our fledgling WWE Divas, who were all cut in quick succession and unfortunately, won’t be in tonight’s live final. Still, there is much to look back on and celebrate from the season gone by.

From Trish Stratus‘ return to weekly television, Rima Fakih transition from Miss USA to kick-ass Diva, and let’s not forget the whole Miss 11 Years debacle, we have some pretty fond memories from Tough Enough.

Here are our top five moments from the season in no particular order

1. Tough Enough fight night
“I’ll get you one day, bitch!” That infamous line from the sweet, angelic looking Miss USA in episode one definitely ranks up there as one of the season’s highlights. After being chastised by douche misogynist, Mikael (yes, with a K), for being all ‘booty’, Ariane and Rima reacted as only a true reality TV star would react: By channeling their inner-Real Housewife and throwing water and making threats.

If this wrasslin’ thing doesn’t work out, maybe they could move to New Jersey and battle with Teresa Giudice?

Watch below:

Skip to 11:50

2. Miss 11 Years
Former Top Model star, Michelle Deighton, pretty much sealed her fate in episode one when she told Trish that she’d been wrestling 11 years. Of course, what she meant was that she started wrestling 11 years ago, but hey, that’s neither here nor there. What does matter is that the whole Miss 11 Years thing gave us plenty of reason to lulz at Michelle, and we weren’t the only ones! The contestants themselves had some fun on her behalf. In the words of Christina: “11 years? Okay… Whatever!”

Fun was had by all… except Michelle, it seems. A few episodes later, Deighton quit the series deciding she wanted to be a mommy. Her heart to heart with Stone Cold will go down as our favorite ‘aw’ moment of the series. However, it seems her fellow contestants don’t remember her so fondly: Rima and Ivelisse both felt she was just there for the TV exposure, with Ivelisse recalling that she told the contestants she had applied for four other reality shows. Four!

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3. Injuries are real
Ivelisse’s injury sustained in a collision between her and Christina is memorable for different reasons: It didn’t make us laugh, it wasn’t amped up for TV — it was very real. Tough Enough showed the true risk it takes to be an in-ring performer (don’t call ’em wrestlers!) with our girls sustaining some pretty heavy injuries on the show, as well as the guys. Ivelisse’s injury — which may or may not have been caused by Christina — was particularly poignant, as ‘Ivie’ showed heart and determination as she tried to continue on in the competition.

Unlike most contrived reality shows, the TE cameras captured something very raw: the struggle and the will these guys and girls possess to do what they love. Despite her perseverance, Stone Cold made the heartbreaking decision to cut Ivelisse which produced perhaps the season’s most powerful elimination…

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4. World’s worst bus tour
Oh, Christina, ye of Foxy genes. Cute as a button from the outset of the season, Alicia’s lil’ sis proved to be so precious we wanted to wrap her up in cotton wool. Despite being ahem, mentally vacant shall we say, during the bus tour episode, Christina won us over by being just damn adorkable. “To my right, we have… we have… buildings.” No effin’ way! Buildings?!

“This is a lovely view of the parking lot…”

Clearly, Christina is the world’s worst bus tour conductor but what great TV…

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5. My favorite match is…
Perhaps the most infamous moment of Tough Enough revival history goes to Ariane. The moment she said Alicia Fox vs Melina was her favorite match, she was done — and forever destined to be an Internet meme. Nothing against Alicia vs Melina, they’ve had some great matches, but when you say that’s your favorite match of all time? Clearly, the ‘Divalicious’ Ariane hadn’t seen a match in her life until a day before filming.

Ariane was cut straight away from her ‘new passion’, but we can’t help but wonder what other zingers she could’ve given us had she stayed…

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What are your favorite Tough Enough moments from this season?

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