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Diva Dirt’s Unforgiven Tip Sheet

Tonight at Unforgiven, Michelle McCool defends her Divas Championship for the very first time against Maryse. It’ll be a SmackDown affair to remember. Who’ll come out on top? We’ll be live blogging throughout the show tonight live, so join us at 7:45pm Eastern (12:45am UK) for that! But now read our predictions on tonight’s outcome:

Erin: They may be pushing Maryse pretty hard rather suddenly, but I still feel that Michelle McCool is their golden girl. She hasn’t had the opportunity to properly defend her title, so it would be silly to take it off of her before she truly was able to prove her worth as Champ. If they really want to push Maryse, they’ll keep her in an extended feud with Michelle, and that would be best achieved by having her lose tonight and continue to improve and eventually meet Michelle on a level playing field. Building up this feud would benefils, t both giras this would legitimize Michelle as Champion and give Maryse a chance to develop into SmackDown’s top heel. Both sides, I feel, would benefit the most from Michelle walking out tonight still Divas Champion. I have a sneaking suspicion that the WWE feels the same way and will likely go that route.

Melanie: I definitely see Michelle coming out on top, I don’t think she’ll lose her title in her first defence and I’m all for her winning to be honest. While Maryse has definitely improved and come so far, I think it’s far too soon for her to be the champion. Maryse could definitely continue to improve and become “title worthy” in the next couple of months, if and when she wins the title, I want her to have truly deserved it. Sure she’s come a long way, but I feel if she wins tonight, WWE will have rushed into it. Maryse could really strengthen her character and her in-ring skills and in a month or two, she could really be worthy of the title. Plus as mentioned earlier, this is Michelle’s first title defence and I don’t see her losing the title. I also want to see the Michelle-Natalya rivalry revisited so I’d have this by an easy win and have her go back to feuding with Natalya and perhaps drop the title to the third-generation Diva. In conclusion, Michelle goes over.

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