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Diva Dirt’s WrestleMania 25 Tip Sheet


Tonight’s the big night! WrestleMania 25 is nearly upon us. It’s going to be hard to call the ‘Miss WrestleMania’ 25 Diva battle royal, but our writers have put their thinking caps on and predicted who they think will win the title! Find out if they’re right, by watching WrestleMania live on pay per view tonight and join us for our exclusive live blog from 6.45pm (11.45pm UK).

This could be a big mistake, but I feel that Gail Kim is going to come out on top. She famously won the Women’s Championship in her first WWE match, and that turned out to be one big flop, and this could risk doing that again, but it’s essential to get Gail back over with the crowd now that she’s returned to the company. And *techinically* this wouldn’t be her first match back, so it won’t be too much like last time.

Live event reports have stated that fans didn’t even know who she was – and that’s pretty sad. So, it’s very important to have her exposed to as many people as possible – and what would be better than having her win a big match at WrestleMania? She can pull off all her insane moves, narrowly escape elimination numerous times, and face off at the end with a top heel (Beth? Michelle? Maryse?) and after a nice, long, suspenseful exchange between the final two, Gail comes out victorious – but by the skin of her teeth. Putting on an exciting Divas Battle Royal is like turning air into gold – it just seems impossible. But, if the WWE plays their cards right, they can get a memorable match and a career resurrection in one fell swoop. They get the fans paying attention to Gail again, and boom – a star is born! Show TNA how it is done WWE, and don’t waste her talent. (Er, kind of like you did before..)

I’d be perfectly happy with any Diva walking out with the win as long as it’s clean, to be honest. My main concern is that the WWE will turn this hyped event into some sort of fluke with someone like Santino or Mae Young picking up the win, which would really ruin a match that actually has potential. I also hope they don’t throw all 25 Divas in the ring at once; that would be one hot mess to keep up with. Having said that, my pick for the winner of the Battle Royal and the first ever Miss Wrestlemania is Maryse. As I said in my WrestleMania Spotlight feature, Maryse just seems to me like she has the most to benefit from winning the match out of the other Divas without giving it to an underdog like Tiffany to “make her career.” Vince thinks highly of Maryse, she is in the midst of a big push, and she plays a great character that would further grow from picking up the win. Giving the win to a Legend wouldn’t disappoint me, but odds are it would be Trish Stratus and, no offense to Trish, that would just be kind of… boring. A “present” Diva needs to get the win, unless of course Sunny wins and gets a contract out of it. Having Gail Kim win the match would also probably be a bad move and it would be deja vu all over again. She’d get such a big push right off the bat that it would probably ruin her character development much sooner than if she spent a while fighting for the top spot on SmackDown. Maryse getting the victory would solidify her top-Diva status on whatever brand she ends up on after the Draft and whether or not she remains the Divas Champion in the future. If I didn’t pick Maryse, I would have to go with Michelle McCool, just because she has a lot to gain with a win character-wise as SmackDown’s newest heel, but I think I’m going to stick with Maryse!

This is so hard to call. There are 25 options, but as I wrote in my ‘WrestleMania Rub’ blog, I think it’s really narrowed down to six options and of those six options, it’s hard to pick one favourite to win this. But I am going to agree with Erin here (we’ve worked together so long, we’re on the same wavelength!) and go with Gail Kim. I think that the ‘Miss WrestleMania’ title and along with it, the ‘WrestleMania rub’ should go to a Diva that they’re trying to put over as their ‘next big thing’ and Gail is it. WrestleMania is all about creating stars and I think tonight is the perfect opportunity for WWE to go, “Look, Gail Kim has landed.” Her acquisition to the WWE was huge news, she’s reportedly being paid $400,000-500,000 for her contract, which is twice as much as some of WWE’s top Divas. You have to make the investment last and you have to push Gail as the top Diva in the company, she’s certainly got the talent. Putting her over the likes of Maryse, Beth Phoenix, Melina and Michelle McCool will make her stand out and be acknowledged by the entire WWE audience and not just the knowledgable fans that read sites like this. Putting her over Trish Stratus, will give her a decent rub for her new run with the company too. I am rooting for Gail tonight.

The 25 Diva Battle Royal is a hard match to call due to the amount of competitors involved, even though the vast majority of them can be crossed off my list of potential winners. Under normal circumstances I would pick Melina or Maryse as they’re both the “Queen of The Hill” on their respective brands, but the past Divas are wild card that changes everything. That being said, I’m putting my money on one the past Divas winning. Even though she hasn’t been announced, I think its safe to say that Trish Stratus will be a ‘surprise’ and take home the win. She is WWE’s golden girl, after all, contracted or not. Gail would be my second pick. After a lackluster debut and a passable return match, she needs a push if WWE wants the fans to actually care about her return.

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