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Diva Trade Details: Mickie Punished, Jillian Push & More


The fallout from the Diva Trade last night is still being felt and now details are starting to pour in. A source backstage at Raw last night tells us:

– The reason for Mickie James‘ move to SmackDown was put down to her work ethic of late as well as her weight. The decision was made to move Mickie to SmackDown, sending her a message to shape up, ‘both figuratively and literally’.

The jibes about her weight, in my opinion, are completely ridiculous — she looks fine and healthy.

– Fans of Jillian may want to start planning a party; her title win last night is expected to be the start of a programme with Melina over the Divas Title. As with all things Creative though, plans can change in a heartbeat but as of now, that is the plan.

– All of the Divas backstage were in good spirits about their moves. The plans were only revealed to the Divas involved over the weekend, while the rest of the crew including the roster learned the news last night along with the rest of us.

Hopefully hear more soon.

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