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Divas Championship Cut For Time

The Divas Championship match between Natalya and a Diva of Vickie Guerrero‘s choosing was cut from last night’s Night of Champions pay per view, due to time constraints it has been revealed. WWE didn’t want to load the card to the brim because they didn’t want to run out of time for their main events:

The SmackDown Divas title match was likely nixed from tonight’s Night of Champions pay-per-view event due to time constraints. WWE pay-per-views usually only feature seven matches, but had they added this one, it would have made for nine matches on the card, and WWE doesn’t like rushing matches on PPV. For instance, WWE had to cut the Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton Triple Threat title match at WrestleMania 22 down to nine minutes because they were running out of time and they didn’t want to cancel the heavily promoted Playboy Pillow fight match featuring Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle. Because the Playboy match wasn’t being called off, and Triple H vs. Cena definitely wasn’t being shortened, Rey’s big match was forced to be cut down significantly. Anyway, the SmackDown Divas title is not really that high of a priority, and they can always push it back to another date anyway.

In any event, the title is mentioned in this week’s SmackDown preview:“Finally, what about the new Divas Championship? When will Natayla find out who she will face for the coveted new title? And when will the title finally be contested?”

Looks like we will finally find out what the sitch is this Friday (or tomorrow night if you like spoilers). There’s a vicious rumour circulating on the boards today that Maria will end up as Natalya’s opponent and even win the title. I say vicious because that would be an eyesore if I ever saw one…`

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