Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Divas Title Match Contract Signing Main Events Raw

The Divas main evented tonight’s Raw, signing a contract for Charlotte‘s Divas Title defense against Paige at this Sunday’s Survivor Series.

The Divas exchanged words, shedding light on their fractured friendship. Charlotte pointed out what they had in common, both being second generation wrestlers, and reminded Paige that she had been there for her when her brother Reid Flair passed away.

Charlotte said their friendship didn’t have to fall apart; at the end of the day, it’s about who has your back, not who has the title.

Paige confessed to using Charlotte “since day one,” and mocked her for being emotional. When she went on to make a derogatory comment about Charlotte’s late brother, a fight erupted, Charlotte brawling with Paige in and out of the ring until officials managed to hold her back long enough for Paige to escape.

Charlotte and Paige go head-to-head this Sunday at Survivor Series, which will air live starting at 8pm ET on the WWE Network.

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