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Dixie Carter To Make Official On-Screen Debut

dixie-carterThe TNA Pay Per View “Lockdown,” set to air on Sunday, April 19, will mark two events in the company’s history. Firstly, wrestler Eric Young will take on celebrity Danny Bonaduce in a dark match prior to the event. But more importantly, TNA President Dixie Carter will be making her official on-screen debut.

While not known what capacity Dixie will play in the event, it surely is a milestone. You really have to wonder why TNA is deciding to do this. I think TNA has done pretty well for itself keeping Dixie off-screen, but it appears TNA is going to follow in the WWE’s footsteps with both of these events. John Cena vs. K-Fed anyone? Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather? Mickey Rourke punching Chris Jericho? Seems like TNA is taking notes right out of WWE’s playbook for this one, and trying to use Hollywood as a method for garnering attention and ratings. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em right?

At the same time, I’m kind of excited to see what she does. It’s pretty safe to say she’s going to debut as a popular face with the crowd, but there’s no telling how things will turn out. If she chooses to mimic Vince, she will no doubt turn heel and trying to emulate some of the popular storylines WWE has. As far as the Knockouts, Dixie coming on-screen could be beneficial in this aspect too since she can kind of play the match-making powerhouse that the Knockouts can go to.

I guess we’ll see how this all plays out. It may be a one-time appearance or Dixie Carter could be here to stay. I’m not a huge TNA fan, but here’s hoping that the Knockouts benefit from this big move TNA is making!

What do y’all think… is this a good move on TNA’s part? Are you going to tune in because you’re excited to see what happens? Do you even care?

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