Friday, April 12, 2024

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ECW: Maria Guests on ‘The Abraham Washington Show’


Newly crowned Diva of the Year, Maria dropped by ECW last night to appear on the least watched late night show of all time, ‘The Abraham Washington Show’. What makes this both eerie yet funny is that we joked about Maria and the ‘Abe Show’ on Monday night’s Post-Raw Show. Has someone been listening? Anyway, watch below:

Skip to 00:50.

Maria looked super cute here in her shimmery dress, see Maria, simple is better! I think she did a good job and came across fun. The crowd support is indicative of why Maria probably won the Diva of the Year award, though I still hold to my theory that she came second to Mickie James. Abe saying he voted for Michelle McCool surely got her the biggest heat of her entire career — and she wasn’t even there!

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