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Elimination Chamber in Review: Trouble in Paradise?

Before we launch into the Divas match that took place tonight between AJ Lee and Cameron, I just want to take a minute to mention the match between The Shield and The Wyatts. It was absolutely everything it needed to be and is probably my favorite match in a long, long time. Kudos boys for setting such a high standard. You were amazing!

Now, onto business. As it was teased on the internet all weekend, AJ did indeed defend her championship tonight in Minnesota. She took on the injured Naomi‘s tag team partner, Cameron. I think it speaks volumes for Cameron and how far she’s come since Tough Enough seeing as how she got a singles match at a Pay-Per-View, and for the title no less. It was also nice to see the champ get a chance to speak. Anyway lets get on with it.

Once AJ makes her way inside the ring, she is handed a microphone and reminds all of us that her reign is at 252 days and then she mentions that despite her lack of competition she still has to defend the title tonight. To her credit, AJ mentions that facing Naomi would have been a nice change of pace, but then she hits below the belt mentioning the Total Diva star’s injury. Cameron comes out and it’s now confirmed that she’s getting the title shot.

They kick things off with Cameron angrily thowing her pompoms at AJ, much to the chagrin of the champ. The bell rings and Cameron decides she’s going to show us all why she’s deserving of this match. Her nerve and gall catches AJ off guard, and it’s all but cemented that Cameron gives no f**** when she skips around the ring, mocking AJ’s signature taunt. Things get worse of the New Jersey native when Cameron gets a near fall, but luckily that wakes up AJ.

AJ gets enough confidence to show off her skipping skills yet again since Cameron is neutralized in the corner, but when she goes for a splash, the less experienced Funkadactyl moves out of the way. She rolls AJ up for a quick pin, but AJ wiggles out of it. Cameron isn’t bothered and goes to work on AJ, using a drop kick and Thesz Press, but ends up on the outside thanks to AJ’s defensive skills.

With the action on the outside, and Cameron down, AJ grabs those shiney pink pompoms and takes her turn mocking someone. She mimicks Cameron’s entrance and tosses them inside the ring, climbing up on the apron. Cameron’s killer instincts kick in and she scrambles, yanking AJ down and causing a nasty spill. Tamina smells disaster and inserts herself into the picture. Sadly for AJ, she’s the one who ends up punished by Tamina’s interference. Cameron throws AJ in the ring as Tamina watches in shock, covering the champ, and on the cusp of the biggest win of her career.


Tamina with the save. Tamina causing the disqualification and saving the championship for AJ. Cameron is left beaten and battered on the outside, and AJ doesn’t look pleased that Tamina nearly cost her the championship. AJ, does however, realize that Tamina also saved said championship for her, so after a couple of moments of awkwardness they leave the ring together.

This match wasn’t a five star classic, but it was new and fresh and I appreciate that. We all want Naomi versus AJ for the championship but Aksana and her carelessness cost us that. Cameron did very well on the big stage. It wasn’t perfect, but that’s alright. It got the Divas on the television. It gave us a reminder that there is a champion and there is a title worth fighting for. And it gave us a controversial ending that may end up being the back-up plan since Naomi is out for awhile. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really want Tamina versus AJ as my WrestleMania match, but I wasn’t really sure I wanted Naomi versus AJ either. WrestleMania just isn’t kind to the Divas and it always makes me nervous for them.

I guess we will see what the fall out from this is on Raw. Until then… C-R-Y-S-S-I (if you’re going to insult me in comments, at least spell my name right ;-) out! Namaste!

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