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Emma Returns To WWE On SmackDown, Challenges Rousey


Emma has made her return to WWE!!

It has been five years to almost the day since Emma was released from WWE. Her last match was on Raw against Asuka just days before her release on Oct. 29 in 2017. Now, she returned to SmackDown and answered the open challenge from Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

During the match, commentary would remind everyone of Emma’s time with the company previously including her being in the finals of the inaugural NXT Women’s Championship tournament. She is the first-ever Australian female to ever be signed to WWE during her first run. Emma put up a fight against Rousey and despite her veteran status, it would still be considered an upset if she would have achieved victory.

Despite coming close to getting that upset with a very close near fall on Rousey, it would be Rousey that would retain. After fighting away from tapping out to the ankle lock, Emma would succumb to the armbar submission after being hit with the Piper’s Pit. This was only after Rousey raked Emma eyes.

After the match, Rousey was seen backstage where Shayna Baszler approached her. She congratulated her on retaining the belt against the “new girl.” Natalya appeared and stated that Rousey was lucky because if it was her that answered the open challenge it would have been a different story. Baszler would then attack Natalya with a Kirifuda Clutch as Rousey watched with approval.

We also got some continuation between Sonya Deville and Liv Morgan. Morgan defeated Deville last week and then went extreme when she landed a superplex on chairs in the middle of the ring. This week, Deville was asked backstage if she would be answering the open challenge against Rousey. She said she knows who won’t be answering and that was Morgan adding that the former champion should never have had the title, to begin with. Morgan would jump Deville and the two would brawl as they were pulled apart by officials.

Due to their ongoing animosity towards each other, next week we will get a No Disqualification match between Morgan and Deville.

B-Fab, Zelina Vega, and Maxxine Dupri were all on this week’s show with their respective stables. Hit Row and Shinsuke Nakamura took on Legado Del Fantasma and came out victorious. Maximum Male Models took another loss to The New Day.

Lastly, another video of the presumed return of Sarah Logan aired.

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