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Eric Bischoff Responds to Chyna’s Claim That TNA Was ‘Missing the Boat’ by Not Bringing Her Back

TNA executive producer Eric Bischoff spoke out against Chyna earlier this week while appearing on Monday Night Mayhem.

Chyna on Her Status With TNA, If Porn Hurt Her Wrestling Career

Bischoff responded to Chyna’s comments that TNA had ‘missed the boat’ by not bringing her back following her porn movie surfacing.

Press Release for “Backdoor to Chyna” Includes Statement from Star

Bischoff told the program:

I didn’t know she made the comment that TNA ‘missed the boat,’ but I was not excited with the fact that the company decided to bring her in for the (Sacrifice) Pay-Per-View. The initial thought was a turnoff for me, but I kept my mouth shut. When I saw her at the Pay-Per-View and saw that ‘deer in the headlights’ look in her eyes when it actually came time to do something, it kind of confirmed what my instincts told me. Then I read about the fact that she wants to build her career around doing anal sex videos for Vivid. I was really, really, really, really glad that I don’t have to try & explain to anybody why I work in the same company as her.

Previously, Chyna had claimed that TNA refused to bring her back when they found out about the movie. Later in an interview with the Baltimore Sun she said that a contract was never on the line.

Listen to Bischoff’s appearance here.

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