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Eva Marie reveals she wants to get booed out of the building

Eva Marie returned to WWE last month promising to usher in a new “Eva-lution”.

The comeback received a largely negative reception online but that doesn’t phase her at all, in fact, she welcomes it.

She made her return to WWE after a five-year absence and is yet to perform in front of a live audience. Now that WWE are back on the road and in front of fans Eva Marie is eagerly waiting to play the villain.

Eva Marie was a guest on Hollywood Life and revealed that she not only appreciates the fan hostility but actually wants it.

Here’s was Eva Marie said;

“There is nothing like performing and walking into our upcoming tours that start July 16th with SmackDown out in Texas and Monday Night Raw in Dallas.”

“I just moved there so I feel like it is a little bit of my hometown now, but to walk out there and embrace the fans… actually I hope they boo. I hope they boo me out of the building. Every movie and every show or book, you always need a good villain and I’m okay wearing that hat. Coming back I think the WWE Universe has no problem making me that villain either.”

Since her return, she has teamed up with Piper Niven aka Doudrop. The relationship is already fractured due to Eva Marie taking all the glory and giving her partner the unflattering moniker.

What do you make of Eva Marie’s comments? Sound off in the comments below.

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