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Eve is Summer Chic

Eve in ‘Enchanting Eve’

You know the score with these Eye Candy posts by now. View the photoshoot we’ve “hung” on our wall, read our critique, vote, and last but not least – sound off in the comments!

Well our Eye Candy posts have had an ‘off-season’ this past month but I’m going to be helping Erin out where I can by posting some of the new shoots! And I can’t think of a better photoshoot to start with…

The Look: If any casting directors for Sex and the City 2 are looking for extras, look no further! SmackDown Diva, Eve Torres is already looking the part. This casual yet sexy outfit is definitely summer-ready. It’s simple, colourful but at the same time incredibly chic. The bold, orangey-red frilled skirt is eye catching and perfect for the summer. Contrasted with a simple navy blue tank top, Eve doesn’t over-do it. Completing her look is a cute black ruched belt that brings everything together. Acessory wise, again simple and elegant is the key with a watch and a nice pair of hooped earrings. Grade: A+

The Poses: It’s not exactly a groundbreaking photoshoot in this category, but I like it. The outfit looks as though it was put together effortlessly and the poses feel like that too, so there’s some theme, I guess. Eve uses her arms in various different poses, all of which work and sell the outfit, while the wind machine definitely did it’s job on this shoot because her hair looks great in each shot too. Grade: B

Uniqueness: There’s nothing too unique here. You could probably notice a dozen girls wearing something similar if you walked to the store, while the poses are standard for Eve. But in terms of Divas and photoshoots, this is a rarity. It’s one of those unique photoshoots where everything has come together. And if we’re really honest, Divas aren’t exactly known for their fashion sense. Which is why I think this is a unique photoshoot.. Grade: A-

Overall: I may be biased, because I have been gushing over this shoot since the moment I saw it. I think it’s well put together. It looks clean, simple and classy but also very summery and flirty. Eve deserves props on this one. Grade: A

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