Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Eve Turns Up The Heat, Cools Down

Hot damn! Look who just turned it out! Eve is the latest Diva to get the “April Showers” treatment following Candice and Maria, but unlike her colleagues has turned in a gorgeous, classy and sexy photoshoot. There are no “trashy” overtones in this one like Candice’s. Eve has put the rest of the Diva roster on blast with this photoshoot, for serious! Each and every shot is as hot as the last, if not hotter. The best Diva photoshoot in a long, long time. I can’t even imagine what her the rest of the film must’ve looked like, whoever picked the final pictures that made the cut must’ve had a tough job! The above picture is my personal favourite, just gorgeous! Check out the rest here.

Eve is easily the most gorgeous Diva in WWE right now, her features are just on point rivalling the likes of Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba, I don’t know why she isn’t a fashion model, WWE’s brand of modelling seems beneath her. I’m confident if Eve was more famous i.e. an actress, it would be her topping FHM’s 100 Sexiest list not Megan Fox.

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