Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Everything’s Not Lost…

Mickie James may have lost her match last night, but she has no reason to be down – she’s got a jam-packed new photoshoot to her name today! You see, apparently shoehorned two photoshoots together, and since I’m too lazy to think of a better name, I’ll stick with theirs: “Very Violet”. Clearly that name is attributed to the second half of it, but whatever.. Speaking of the violet, I’d love the dress, if only it was a bit longer. At that length it looks a little too hoochy. It’s probably make a gorgeous gown, but the day a Diva wears a gown is the day pigs fly and hell freezes over. The first part is considerably more relaxed – I really dig the ripped jeans, and she can get away with going barefoot in pairing with the whole bohemian look. If I had to choose between the two looks, I’d definitely say the jeans look best – it fits Mickie’s persona so much more, and the relaxed nature of the shoot makes her look is so much sexier than showing lots of leg.

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