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EVE’s Jamie Hayter joins Oedo Tai in STARDOM

As a rising star on the independent wrestling scene, Jamie Hayter had a big 2018. She had a solid 6-month reign with the RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Championship before losing it to Zoe Lucas halfway into December.

She went on to win the 2018 SHE-1 tournament in Pro-Wrestling: EVE, defeating Kris Wolf and Toni Storm in the finals and becoming the Ace of EVE. She closed out the year in style by captaining Team Hayter to defeat Team Kris Wolf in EVE’s first ever SHE-vivor Series 8-Woman Elimination Tag Team Match.

Jamie Hayter’s future continues to beam bright as she found an equally stylish way to kick off 2019. At STARDOM’s Jan. 2 show at the
Shinkiba 1st RING arena, she was featured in a Trios Match alongside Hana Kimura and Bobbi Tyler to take on Oedo Tai (represented by Kagetsu, Natsu Sumire and Hazuki).

To everyone’s surprise, Hayter turned on her teammates to allow Oedo Tai to pick up a shocking victory. After the match, Hayter declared her interest in joining Oedo Tai and without hesitation, they welcomed her with open arms.

Oedo Tai’s new alignment with the resident Ace of EVE is off to a strong start. Just one night after joining the group, Hayter and Oedo Tai picked up a big win over J.A.N. (which consists of Jungle Kyona, Natsuko Tora, Kaori Yoneyama and Ruaka).

We’re excited to see where this new partnership with STARDOM’s hottest stable takes Hayter going forward. We’re also curious to see where Session Moth Martina fits into this mix. Not only is Martina also an Oedo Tai member, but she has frequently squared up with Hayter in the past. We wonder if they can get along for the sake of the team.

We’re most curious to see how this new partnership affects EVE’s Wrestle Queendom II event. In winning the SHE-1 tournament, becoming the Ace of EVE promises Hayter a Pro-Wrestling EVE Championship match in the main event of the show.

Perhaps we’ll be seeing some Oedo Tai members lurking in Hayter’s corner during the match. We’ll have to wait until Jun. 30 to find out.

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