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Fan Report from Comic Con: The Scone Meets Layla, Alicia Fox and Brooke Tessmacher

Several WWE and TNA stars are in San Diego for the annual Comic Con convention, including Divas Champion Layla, Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher, as well as Alicia Fox.

Diva Dirt reader and part time superhero, The Scone, one of the stars of the YouTube show ‘The New Adventures of Pinkgirl and The Scone‘ had the opportunity to meet with all of the ladies and sent in this report:

On the first day of the convention I rounded the street corner as I was leaving and stumbled across Alicia Fox and our Divas Champion Layla El walking together, presumably walking to the covention as I was leaving. Layla shrieked with glee when she saw me, tickled by my super costume. She couldn’t pinpoint what part of England my accent is from, which is funny considering the time she spent with William Regal (we are both from Blackpool). I joked that no one can tell that she’s from London, and she joked back that she’s a big faker. Alicia was giggly, but soft spoken. Both were lovely in person and in great spirits.

I was surprised to run into our Knockouts Champion, Brooke Tessmacher as well, in full gear and zombie make-up. Prior to meeting her, I had had no real opinion about Brooke, aside from noting her rapid improvements in the ring and her capitivating smile. In person, she completey won me over, warm, gracious, goofy, and fun. We took a few pictures and she tried to eat my brains. She had the title in tow and she was clearly proud of the division and to be its representative. I mentioned to her that I love Winter and I would love to see her back on my TV challenging for her title. Brooke admitted that she had just mentioned to the Impact Wrestling representative that she was traveling with that she was talking about that idea earlier that day. Here’s hoping she wasn’t just telling me what i wanted to hear.

Also at the convention, I ran into Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler on the floor, and John Morrison at his booth. Morrison made somewhat of a pass at my crimefighting partner, Pinkgirl. Let’s not tell Melina about that one.

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