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Fan Report from SummerSlam Axxess on Sunday: Kelly, Alicia, Maryse & Natalya

Diva Dirt reader Yuri attended yesterday’s SummerSlam Fan Axxess and sent this along:

Okay so I officially went to axxess today. I didn’t get to meet all the divas there, but I met a crucial group, I feel.

The first Diva I met was Kelly Kelly… this girl is beyond gorgeous. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe her. I was one of the first people to spot her coming towards us so I called out to her and “Whoooooed” her. I told her “Kelly you’re gorgeous!” and she smiled at me and said, “Thanks!” She was amazingly sweet to everyone, especially the kids. She called everyone sweetie and tried to be personable with everyone, personalizing autographs and whatnot. She looked so good too. I think she may have gotten a little thinner if that’s possible. It was a great way to start the day.

After Kelly, I went to see Alicia Fox, who oddly enough, had the shortest line so I jumped on it. She also didn’t have her title with her which was a bummer because I would have loved a picture with her with it. I always thought she was pretty, but that was all… and then when I saw her today, she just blew me away. She’s surprisingly UNLIKE her in ring character. She’s a bit soft-spoken, but in a good way. She was really sweet and trying to get the crowd into it, but they weren’t having it. And boy she is TALL!!!!!! She has a gorgeous smile. I looked at her and told her how beautiful she was and how TV doesn’t do her justice. She smiled and said “Awww, thanks!” and as she signed my book, I told her good luck before they shooed me away.

After Alicia, I went and met my future husband Evan Bourne~! But he’s not a Diva so I’m moving on. I went to meet the Million Dollar couple, Ted DiBiase and Maryse. They were by far the most personable pair of superstars there. They talked, “flirted,” and played with EVERYONE. They somewhat stayed in character, but it was sweet and playful~! Maryse was a bit aloof I think. I couldn’t necessarily see what she was feeling because the sunglasses never came off, but she was nice. She looked great, as always, and I even spoke to her in the limited French I remembered from high school. I said “Bonjour” and she smiled and said “Ah comment ca va? (How are you?)” and I said “Ahhh…comme ci, comme ca (pretty okay)” and then she said something else but I was getting shooed off so I waved them goodbye. On a side note, Ted DiBiase was amazingly handsome and charming! I just about died when I met him.

I thought after that I would be done but then my friends flag me down at the Hart Dynasty table… they were almost to the front and Tyson Kidd, DH Smith, AND Natalya were there so I jumped on the chance to meet her. She’s one of my favorite Divas after all. Let me tell you something… when I say TV doesn’t do justice, she is the EPITOMY of that. She is so much more beautiful in person! When I went last year she wasn’t there so I only met Tyson Kidd and DH Smith, so when I saw her this year I was so happy! I told her I was a huge fan of hers and she looked so happy! I think it’s because not many people say that because of how little they see her wrestle. It’s a shame really. And on my shirt, I had put her name on the front. She saw it and gasped. She went “Oh my God!” and she grinned. I smiled and told her I had to represent! She gave me that trademark Natalya grin and high fived me!!! She loved my shirt and told me like 5 times hahahaha.

I didn’t have a chance to meet Eve, Jillian or the Bella Twins but I saw them and gorgeous as always~!!!!

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