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Fan Report & Pictures from TNA House Show in Pensacola, FL (February 5th)

Diva Dirt reader Billy James sent in his live report and pictures from TNA’s house show in Pensacola, FL this past Saturday. The event saw a rare house show appearance from Sarita facing Angelina Love.

Before the show started, I was to get both Angelina and Sarita’s autographs. Both ladies were very nice especially Sarita as I had the chance to briefly talk to my second favorite Knockout. I told her that loved her matches with Mickie James as they have great chemistry together and I hope that she feuds with Mickie over the Knockouts Title. Sarita that she hopes so too as she wants a run with the belt. I also had the chance to tell her about the nickname that I and some of my wrestling friends have for her, “The Salsa Mama” which she liked. Angelina got the win over Sarita with Botox Injection. I had an eraser board with me on which I wrote: “Sarita: The Salsa Mama” when Sarita came out for the match. Let me say that Sarita is just as good live as she is on TV. I found out after the show that it’s rare for Sarita to do TNA house shows due to her obligations with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) in Mexico.


Also on the card was Robbie E. with Cookie as Robbie took on Tommy Dreamer. Cookie did an excellent job as a heel manager as she interfere couple of times in the match. Cookie took a bump in the ring corner when Tommy Dreamer threw Robbie into Cookie in the ring corner followed a body splash on Robbie with Cookie behind him.

During intermission, I had a VIP pass I bought and I was able to go backstage where I got my picture with Robbie E. & Cookie, Angelina Love and of course Sarita. Sarita told me that she saw my sign during the match which I thought was cool that she saw and remembered my sign. I had written on the board “Sarita: The Salsa Mama of the Knockouts” but the person taking the picture for me couldn’t figure out the zoom on my camera. It was a great show and I really enjoyed myself that being my first TNA house show.

Pictures below:

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