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Fast 5: Five predictions to win the 2021 Royal Rumble

It is almost that time again. As the new year starts, the Royal Rumble event is always an exciting time for new possibilities as the road to WrestleMania begins. The Royal Rumble match itself started to take on more meaning to women wrestling fans as of 2018. This is when the women started having their own match. Since then we have had three winners – Asuka (2018), Becky Lynch (2019), and Charlotte Flair (2020).

These three women have certainly been the dominating force behind women’s wrestling for the past few years. With that being said, they didn’t need to win the Royal Rumble match to head to WrestleMania. All three of them could have been placed in a WrestleMania match without this honor but it did put a feather in their cap for being winners of this traditional match.

By analyzing the past winners, could this year’s winner be one to elevate them and provide that push to start the year?

Let’s go over five early predictions (in no particular order) of those women who could really use a win at the Royal Rumble and would be a great opponent for WrestleMania.


It’s rather redundant to put Naomi on this list but that just goes to show you that she should be a winner of this match. She made a huge impact and was a highlight of the 2020 Royal Rumble as she made her highly anticipated return. Here we are in the same position this coming year.

Naomi has been out of action due to health reasons and had to have emergency surgery as a result. This took place in September, so it is unknown if she would even be ready to come back by January. However, if she is ready to return, why not be that exciting return for two years in a row? This time she could go on to win it and head to WrestleMania. Not only does the story write itself, but she was also included in the most recent draft which shows she is still on the minds of creative.

Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville was last seen at SummerSlam where she lost in a Loser Leaves WWE match against her former best friend, Mandy Rose. Taking time off due to personal reasons, it was reasonable for her to lose this final match between two women who had one of the most memorable feuds of the year.

What better moment to bring back Sonya than the Royal Rumble? Not only bring her back but have her win it. Much like Naomi, this would be based on the idea that she is ready to return. The story also writes itself and unlike Naomi, Sonya wasn’t part of the recent Draft. Which makes sense but also opens the door for her to return to either show. She would certainly be a top contender for either champion come WrestleMania.

Peyton Royce

We are still waiting for the singles push for Peyton Royce. Why not have her win a big match such as the Royal Rumble to be the launching pad that she needs. Breaking up The IIconics in 2020 will forever be a head-scratcher. So far since then, the split seems to be for no valid reason. Royce nor Billie Kay have had any sudden push and the solution seems to be placing them in other tag teams as if that makes any sense.

Royce winning the Royal Rumble match and receiving a huge push to begin 2021 would finally allow her to show her full potential. As a former Women’s Tag Team Champion, that reign was far from memorable or a focus. Let’s get her out of the shadow and give the fans a reason to see someone new at the top.

Mickie James

Does this one need an explanation? In all honesty, it shouldn’t. Personally, I am not one to use the terms “buried” or “robbed” often. Mickie James is one woman that these words and anything to go along with that ideology is completely valid.

Since her return to WWE, James hasn’t been treated as the legend that she is. She has been needed a big win, a title, a moment such as a Royal Rumble or Money in the Bank win. So far, nothing. Her return this year from injury was perhaps the worst she has been treated upon her return to the company at the end of 2016.

A mess-up of a title chase and being the only woman on the active roster to not be drafted to a brand in October was very telling. Let’s right the wrongs to the future Hall of Famer and have her win the big one.

Bianca Belair

Lastly on this list is none other than Bianca Belair. The vision for Belair after WrestleMania this year was confusing, however, once being moved to SmackDown in October, the future is bright. Belair honestly has it all, and if there is one woman on this list that could be built into a megastar, it is this one. How is this done? Have her win the Royal Rumble match.

Not only would this be a huge push for the EST but this would lead us to a dream match. With Sasha Banks currently as the SmackDown Women’s Champion, if Belair went on to face her at WrestleMania it would create a huge buzz. 2021 could easily be the year of Belair. Let’s do it WWE, give us what we want.

As of this moment, there hasn’t been any talk for the Royal Rumble match yet as we still have one more pay-per-view to go for 2020. Once the event gets closer as we head into January, there may be other names that pop up as contenders.

Who do you seeing taking the Royal Rumble next month? Leave your thoughts below.

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