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FCW Watch: AJ Lee vs Natalya

We were a little saddened that Natalya‘s match got cut from this week’s SmackDown, but the good news is that FCW is here to [more than] make up for it. The Hart Dynasty Diva takes on FCW’s little firecracker, AJ Lee on this week’s episode of FCW. Watch below:

This was a nice little match that told a good story — the brute force of Natalya dominating her younger, smaller opponent before the fast paced AJ Lee mounted her comeback near the end. I like AJ’s pace, she’s quick on her feet and has good ring presence. Some nice spots here including AJ countering that tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into an arm drag and later Natalya catching her into a powerslam.

I’d love to see AJ moulded into an aerial wrestler ala Gail Kim and Sarita, she has the stature and pace but right now her moves are a little more ground based. I know she is an avid fan of Melina and kinda moulded herself around the Divas Champion before she joined WWE, but perhaps moving into a highflying style could separate her from becoming a mini-Melina.

Good match and it’s nice to see Natalya pick up a win.

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