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FCW Watch (August 29th, 2010): AJ Lee vs Naomi Night

At long last, the FCW Watch has finally returned. With all the action going on in WWE’s farm territory as of late, we decided it was only fitting to get back on the ball when it comes to Florida Championship Wrestling. And what a week to do so! This weekend, FCW’s alpha females, AJ Lee and Naomi Night face off in a crown/titleunification match with the entire Diva roster at ringside. Check out the match below:

First out are the FCW Divas, all decked out in their Sunday best. This is also our first look at new Divas Celeste (now known as Ricki Vaughn) and Christina Crawford (Alicia Fox‘s sister). Also at ringside, Aksana, Liviana and Raw Diva Tamina.

Next out is the Queen of FCW, AJ Lee followed by the FCW Divas Champion, Naomi Night (HEEEEEEYYY!!!). The top Divas shoot each other a few glares before the bell rings and the match gets underway. The ladies lock up, but AJ quickly gets the upperhand with a side headlock. Naomi manages to whip AJ Lee off and into the ropes, but is laid out with a shoulder block. AJ hits the ropes, looking to capitalize, but Naomi kips up and counters with her patented Booty Call butt bump for a near fall.

The champ tries to keep the heat on but AJ reverses into a school boy pin with the help of a handful of hair. Not to be outdone, Naomi executes a split-legged backslide followed by a few armdrags for another two count. Naomi tries to follow up with a scoopslam, but AJ wiggles out and into a waistlock, which is quickly reversed by Naomi. The champ tries to roll the queen up, but AJ holds onto the ropes sending Naomi rolling across the ring. Before Naomi can get her wits about her, AJ comes charging and hits a vicious Shining Wizard, but only gets a two count.

Frustrated, AJ lays into the champ with a forearm, followed by a kick to the midsection. AJ goes to whip Naomi into the turnbuckle, but it’s reversed. AJ manages to stop herself and tries for a headscissors, but Naomi lifts her over to the apron and sends her sprawling to the floor with a forearm. AJ tries to collect herself, but Naomi hits a flying clothesline, sending both girls down to the floor.

The referee starts the ten count as both Divas struggle to their feet. Naomi gets to vertical base first and tries to climb into the ring, but AJ pulls her to the floor. AJ then tries to break the count, but Naomi pulls her back down. Apparently, the queen has had enough of this game, so she slaps the taste out of Naomi’s mouth, initiating an all-out brawl. Before everything is said and done, both AJ and Naomi are counted out and the rest of the Divas roster has to get involved to break AJ and Naomi up.

I must say, the AJ/Naomi feud has probably been one of the most fun rivalries to come out of FCW (not that there has been that many). These two girls were signed to WWE one after the other, and have been in direct competition for the majority of their FCW careers, much like two well known former WWE Divas. These girls have great chemistry with one another and I would love to see their interaction carry over to the main roster (or NXT).

The thing that impressed me most about this match was the story behind it. Even though the storyline is simple (top Divas fighting to determine who’s the best), It’s so much more than what is going on Raw or Smackdown. Maybe the WWE writers should take a page out of FCW’s book and build up an actual storyline, instead of just giving people random title shots. *coughJilliancough*

The match was really good, but I’ve seen these girls do better with each other. That said, this match was better than some of the Divas matches we’ve seen on WWE TV in the recent months. You would never believe these girls have less than five years of experience between the two of them. I’m very interested to see what will happen between these two in the next few weeks, whether it be in FCW or NXT (fingers crossed).

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