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FCW Watch (February 26th, 2012): Summer & Paige Scout Talent; Raquel Diaz Scouts a Banner

Welcome everyone to another edition of the FCW Watch!~ We’ve been pretty match lacking as of late, but that changes next week per some new information discovered in tonight’s show involving our Queen and reigning Divas Champion, Raquel Diaz. Also on the card, we get a few brief appearances from my personal favorites, Paige and Summer Rae, as they each look to be scouting certain individuals for whatever they have brewing for the FCW Universe to behold. Without any further ado, let’s get right into the action!

Following Dean Ambrose’s match against Sakamoto, our very own buxom blond, Summer Rae steps onto the scene with her scribe not far behind. The pair climb up the stairs and into the ring as she orders said scribe to hold the ropes open for her! They stand right behind the psychotic Ambrose, until she orders the scribe to get Dean’s attention. The scribe taps him on the shoulder and he spins around to see Summer right behind him. He seems to sniff her shoulder, which sparks her to back away in disgust and leave the scribe with his jaw hanging open in horror. With that, Dean exits the ring and heads to the back, as Summer looks towards the commentary table and exchanges smirks with William Regal!

After another FCW Standout, Seth Rollins manages to defeat Rick Victor in singles competition, he celebrates his win…only to become focused on something that he spots out of the corner of his eye. Rollins looks up into the rafters where Paige can be seen sitting on her laptop! She closes the cover down, as William Regal describes her as the enchanting raven haired lady, deeming her delicious! Seth seems pleased with her appearance tonight, as he heads up the entrance ramp with a smile on his face and we head to a commercial break.

Out to the interview area we go, where Queen & Divas Champion, Raquel Diaz can be seen holding a microphone and addressing her loyal FCW subjects. Diaz thanks them for blowing up twitter with endless praise for her. She grants us a few of her infamous laughs, before declaring both titles she holds as a double whammy for herself! Diaz dubs everything as “perfecto”, except for the fact that she still doesn’t have her banner that she’s been demanding. Raquel assumes she still has some proving to do to show she can maintain her spot at the top of the totem pole, so next week she will defend her title against two FCW Divas because she’s that amazing! She assures us not to worry, for she will still be the Queen and Champion because Raquel always gets to have her cake and eat it too.

Thoughts: Relatively small week for FCW again, but next week looks to pick things up back into form. I like where this Seth/Paige thing is going, but I’m not getting too involved as it looks like it won’t be continuing judging from the past taping spoilers to come out. Raquel’s promo was fine, but it felt almost identical to the ones she’s cut before. I’m intrigued to see how the triple threat match goes since those types of matches rarely seem to flow very easily, but who knows? Looking forward to the next few weeks for sure though.

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