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FCW Watch (May 6th, 2012): Raquel Diaz vs. Audrey Marie vs. Paige

Greetings everybody, and welcome to another beautiful edition of the FCW Watch. If you’ve kept up with past recaps, you know that I have a great disdain for triple threat matches involving the ladies, but this one could very well break the mold and reignite the burning passion I once had for the match type. You see, this week we have a non-title three way involving Raquel Diaz, Audrey Marie, and Paige, so let’s get right into things and see if it can top the many not so great triple threats we’ve seen time and time again!

We take it to the ring where bubbly (yet talent being wasted) ring announcer, Caylee Turner introduces us to the following triple threat Divas bout. Out first comes the most dominant female in all of FCW, Raquel Diaz, as she hoists her title ever so proudly and taunts the crowd throughout her entrance. Up next comes our plucky cowgirl, Audrey Marie, donned in her finest western wear. She skips to the ring and poses for the cheering fans, before awaiting the entrant of the final competitor, Paige! Paige walks out alongside Sofia Cortez for this important match, as the Vixens execute an awesome pose on the ring apron and enter the squared circle. Sofia then heads to the outside as the bell sounds and we kick things off.

The three circle around a bit until Raquel quickly slides out of the ring and Paige takes control with a kick. Some posing takes the advantage away from our British beauty, allowing Audrey a side headlock. Paige sends her into the ropes, but Audrey fights back with a sunset flip attempt. Raquel Diaz then slides back in and breaks the pin attempt, as a trifecta headlock takes place with all three women! Once the move is broken up, Audrey goes for a double clothesline, but hilariously only manages to knock Paige down as Raquel ducks out of the way.

From there, Raquel hits a hip toss, as she and Paige exchange beating down our cowgirl. They flip her up and sends her into the ropes, but Audrey breaks through a double clothesline attempt, causing both Raquel and Paige to amazingly knock heads together. Audrey scores with a dropkick to Paige, but Raquel quickly breaks things up and the two once again double team Marie. They choke her on the ropes as Raquel steps out to the ring apron and holds Marie in place for Paige to fire forward with a knee to the back. They look to repeat the spot, but this time Audrey slides out of the way and Paige kicks Raquel off! Audrey with a quick roll up to no avail, as she is then sent hard into the corner and targeted with some stiff boots by Paige. Raquel starts to argue with Paige a tad, as Audrey then grabs Paige’s boot and spins it over to Diaz.

The champion holds Paige’s leg up, but Paige then smartly ducks out of the way as Audrey breaks whatever Raquel had going with a clothesline. She goes for the pin, but Paige breaks it up. Paige then sends Audrey shoulder first into the ring post and engages in a shoving war with Raquel! Diaz proceeds to drill Paige with the Gory Bomb, but Audrey breaks the pin. From there, Raquel sets up for the Three Amigos, but during the third attempt, Paige simply falls on top of Raquel and steals the win! Amazing! The Vixens celebrate Paige’s monumental win, as we wonder if this means our standout will attain a Divas Championship match in the future?!

Thoughts: If I could assemble a church choir to sing the praises of Paige, I would do such a thing. It has taken so long, but FINALLY… the triple threat curse has been BROKEN! I don’t want to take anything away from either Raquel or Audrey since I enjoyed their performance as well, but sticking Paige in the mix is what helped this match to not suffer due to her extensive background and years of training. There were so many creative spots involved from the heels banging heads together, to Audrey scoring with a clothesline on each woman at different times when aiming for the other. This is probably my favorite Divas match in FCW since Naomi faced Audrey in singles competition, and I would greatly like to see Paige become the next Divas Champion as she could likely pull a great match out of everyone and only help them all get better in the long run.

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